Blogmas day 21

It’s only four days till Christmas!!!!!

This year starts the journey of new traditions being made and old ones continuing. Christmas is one of my most favorable holidays ever! This time of year you want to snuggle up with a blanket, hot cocoa in a mug and a lifetime Christmas movie on the tv. It’s all about family and making memories. Now that Peyton and I have one of our own I want to make it the best Christmas yet!

Since the week after Thanksgiving, I begged to put our Christmas tree up, Which we did! We had decorations up and hot cocoa in our mugs almost every night. No gifts under the tree yet but we had lights on our tree. One crazy thing happened without me even knowing. So I went to Walmart with my mom to buy ornaments. As we were there I spotted some alphabet ornaments, I honestly think they were meant to put on your stockings but I decided to put it on our tree. I managed to get each of the letters of our first name and arranged them on the tree.

Peyton, Carmelita & Paighton!

My tree looked stunning for a little Charlie Brown tree that wasn’t too tall and didn’t have many ornaments. It has lights on it they were just off when I took the picture.

When Peyton saw our tree all put together the first thing he noticed was our alphabet ornaments. mainly how they were arranged.


In my mind, I’m not thinking that I meant anything bad, little to my knowledge “PCP” is a bad drug. I don’t know what type or what it looks like all I knew is that I’m displaying the acronym on my Christmas tree. So for years to come, I will always remember how our friends would come over and start laughing because they knew the acronym for the drug.

Peyton and I have realized that once you have a baby there’s no longer anymore presents for you. Yeah, you get to take lots of presents home but none of them will be yours. All the presents under our parent’s tree all say,

“For baby P”


“For paighton”

It’s like once you become a parent Santa forgets all about you. When P gets a little older I want her to believe in Santa. I want her to have an imagination and to believe in the little things. I want her to bake cookies and leave them out with a tall glass of milk for Santa to eat. I want her to mail her wish list to Santa. Leave carrots out for the reindeer. It’s the little things that make childhood so incredibly brilliant.

I can’t wait to enjoy our first Christmas as a family! Till next Christmas when I share their last name.

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