Blogmas day 20

It’s been 20 days of blogmas and here stands the few but the proud.

Today we pilled up into the truck and took a little adventure to the zoo. Okay, maybe not the actual zoo but in this case, it was pretty close. we took an adventure to Petco, this place has all your animals needs. They sell anything from crickets in a container to chinchillas and ferrets. Interesting animals at its finest, at first taking P into the store was a little nerve racking for Peyton.

His fear was that she would be allergic to an animal and start having an allergic reaction. Which can happen at any age, but I was confident enough as a parent to let her experience things a little more. While walking up I noticed that a police car was parked near the entrance. It was a laughable moment because the police officer had a bit of humor displayed.

Once we entered Petco it was an abundance of new smells for P. Not necessarily any of them were good smells but they were interesting. The first animal we showed her was a chinchilla. Her face was blank as she just stared. I would think she would get excited or at least smile. I felt like she didn’t have a reaction cause the chinchilla didn’t do anything. We followed the aisle to see what else would brighten her attention. The mice were our next view she saw them running on their wheel and that’s when her eyes light up. All she wanted was for the animal to do something.

She was in dadas arms so of course she wasn’t gonna even get close to the glass. When I was younger my dad would buy small mice, not as pets but feed our snakes with them. One time he brought home the cutest mouse I’ve ever seen and I demanded that I kept it. My dad went out and bought my new mouse its own little house and everything you can think of for a mouse. That all ended when the mouse nibbled at my finger. To the snake cage, I went and dropped it in. I guess as a child I had no mercy after it hurt me.

Our next animal was the cats, now Peyton was extremely cautious about letting her see them because his little brother is allergic to them. As soon as he gets in the same room as a cat its waterworks and sniffles for days. It’s not like she’s never seen a cat before, we have a few that hang around our house. That we are unfortunately not able to feed. I wanted to show her something that’s she’s never seen before that would get a reaction out of her.

We walked down the reptile aisle and I know for a fact that I got more of a reaction out of Peyton than from P. We saw snakes and bearded dragons. To me walking Into Petco isn’t something I’ve never experienced before. Growing up I’ve had all types of animals. At my dad’s house (my parents are divorced) my dad had a room where we kept most of our animals. The ones that needed to be in an aquarium or tank at least. We had snakes, bearded dragons to birds and rabbits. Every year around Easter my dad would buy colorful baby ducks and I’d raise them till they were big enough to live on their own. One time we even had a baby rooster which we named ”Lil red”. Growing up I was a literal zoo at my dad’s house but it taught me a lot of responsibility.

I want her to fall in love with animals like I did and be able to have whatever animal that she wants to. When she’s a little older we might start her out with a fish. something small and easy to maintain but it will get her ready for having a bigger more demanding animal. But for now, I’ll keep taking trips to Petco once she’s older so that she can experience which animal she will like to have.

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