Blogmas day 19

In high school, they should really help students prepare for the future. Learning how to pay bills, do your taxes and putting a baby on a sleep schedule should be a class everyone needs to step foot into. Whether they thought it was a blow off class or not it’s still informative for adult life.

Peyton and I are in the process of re-establishing a sleep schedule for little miss princess P. It wasn’t too long ago that she would kick the lining of my uterus trying to fight her way out. Since day 1 she’s been a night owl. She got that trait clearly from her father cause I love to go to bed early. I’m what you would label a morning person.

When we use to live at my moms’ house I had a very strict schedule for her. Once the clock hit 9 pm we were in my room, bath done and pjs on. She would even fall asleep by herself in her own crib. All my hard work had finally paid off, there was no bedtime crying or wanting to stay awake past twelve.

That completely changed when Peyton and I moved out. Free birds out the nest we thought. No bedtimes, no one to tell us what to do. We can come and go as we pleased. We were the parents in the household! It was all fun and games till little miss princess P stayed up just as long as we did. You would expect that at 12 am she would be somewhat tired! All she wanted to do was play around and no go to bed. Mama was tired and ready to call it a night.

She was starting to be in the habit of sleeping all day and staying awake. If Peyton took care of her 24/7 as I do, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. He’s totally okay with staying up till 3 am. Peyton even started to realize that this sleep schedule she’s on was soon gonna tear her apart.

P’s bedtime schedule completely changed.

7 pm: she ate a good bowl of rice cereal, fed by her favorite dada.

It takes about 30 minutes for P to finish because half the time she’s playing with her bib, eating her fingers or crying cause Peyton can’t get the spoon in her mouth fast enough. And when he does manage to do that she gets over excited and ends up knocking all the food off the spoon.

7:30- it’s bath time!!!

This is essential because when she’s done eating I believe she gets more food in her neck rolls than in her mouth. So bath time is a must at all cast. Plus it relaxes her which makes bedtime go a lot smoother.

8:00- snuggles

Night time snuggles are my favorite. Paighton is starting to pull her self closer to me to cue that she wants to snuggle. As a mom, that’s the finest moment of all time, because your baby knows that you are her (or his) safe place.

8:30-last night snack

Around this time she tends to want to eat just for comfort I believe. She will doze off than wake herself back up. It’s a whole game for about 15-20 minutes. Once I think she’s had enough I’ll unlatch her and just hold her close to me. This does the trick every time, people say it’s the rhythm of the mothers’ heartbeat that puts the baby fast to sleep.

The sleep schedule is so important for a mother because without a good night sleep a mom can’t do her job at tip-top shape.

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