Blogmas day 16

Before I even considered taking a pregnancy test my symptoms were very obvious.

People all the time ask me,

“How did you know you were pregnant?”

“What were your symptoms?”

So here’s the story!

My attention was alerted when I was taking a slow drive down high way 90 (if your from katy than you know). For some reason people can’t drive on that road and the stop and go affect made me a have a weird feeling. Deep down in my stomach I started to feel nauseous. Not to mention my period was 7 days late. But still I didn’t think I was pregnant, till my mom started to text me and tell me I needed to take a test out of the blue.

Denial came out of my mouth and I tried to think of every excuse not to take a test. The answer I was afraid to get overwhelmed me with joy. As soon as I peed on the test an automatic answer came through. I was in shock, my face turned red and I didn’t believe it at first. I put the test back into the wrapper it came in and walked out the bathroom. Peyton said he knew immediately just from my facial expressions. I was only 17 years old and had no idea how this would all plan out.

My biggest fear was telling my mom who apparently already knew because of the way I was acting and my missed period. God was really on our side that night when we went to tell our parents. We started with Peyton’s parents first, reason being was because they were calmer than my mom. It was already around 10 pm, the night was dark my heart was racing my stomach was nauseous and Peyton proceeded to knock on the door. His dad opened up and I knew it was time.

My hands were clammy and shaking I was more nervous for Peyton because they were his parents. They technically can’t do anything to me so for now I was off the hook. Due to it being so late his mom had already been tucked into bed and his dad was the only one up. I remember Peyton taking the two positive test out of his pocket still closed in a ziplock bag.

I felt as if the world had shut off for those first five seconds. Peyton was terrified because he thought his dad would yell and throw a fit. Luckily in our case he was calm about it. We sat down on his couch and told him that we were gonna raise our child and that abortion wasn’t a option.

After that obstacle we headed over to tell my mom. The lord was on our side again because that night she had just finished her meditation session. She said that was her first and last time she would ever meditate. My mom was furiously angry. I can’t blame her, her baby was having a baby. She was nervous that Peyton wasn’t gonna step up to the plate or that he would get scared and leave. As a mom now looking back I can understand her worries.

After all was said and done both of my parents were supportive. My dad wasn’t a problem telling, I just sent him a text saying I was pregnant.

Why a text?

Well I was still in the process where I couldn’t get myself to say it out loud. I knew my dad would be supportive but I was nervous that he wouldn’t be.

My symptoms started to show up one by one. After I noticed that I got car sick I started to realize more of my symptoms. I would get nauseous in the shower if the water was too hot. I’d start to black out if I stood up for long periods at a time. If I didn’t drink enough water my head would start pounding along with not eating to time. In the beginning I would feel bloated not at all pregnant. Smells never got to me I was normally fine with that.

Except canes had a awful smell and I couldn’t eat chick-Fil-A because it tasted like straight up chicken grease. I’m a Chinese fanatic and when I ate it and didn’t like it at all, that was a flashing red light for me. My taste buds did a whole 360 in what I ate. I had also experienced cramping before I took a test which lead me to think my period was on its way. I was very emotional, anything and everything made me cry or want to cry. My mood changes were BAZAR! Peyton said I’d go from mad,to happy than bust out laughing.

I never threw up thank God but I was ALWAYS lightheaded. My scene of smell was like a K9, Peyton said I could smell food from a mile away. My appetite, well before I was pregnant I wasn’t a salad eating chick!!! So during pregnancy I was hungry allllllll the time!!! Probably the reason I had a 8 lb 4 oz baby!

Every pregnancy is different and some people may not have the same symptoms as others but after you get through the first trimester it usually lightens up or you learn to deal with it.

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