Blogmas day 15

Let me first start out by saying if you have a weak stomach please feel free to skip this blog! *poop images*

It’s just a typical night, Peyton and I are eating dinner and watching our tv show Brooklyn nine-nine. It’s basically a comedy series based on detectives. It’s a great show on Hulu but anyways, P loves to sit with dada and watch tv when he comes home. That’s like there ultimate bonding time.

As I’ve said earlier in other blogs P just started rice cereal so it makes her poops a lot different. We were in the middle of our episode when we started to smell a stench. Usually, I automatically connect it to Peyton because he’s a dude and dudes will let one rip anywhere. Oh, how I wish that was the case.

Gas can make a baby do mysterious things and laughter is one of them. Out of nowhere P started to make giggles. As parents, of course, we’re gonna be paying more attention to her laugh than the root of it. We definitely never expected what would of happen next. After a few more whiffs it came clear real quick that it wasn’t just gas that was making P laugh.

A disaster was unleashed when Peyton gave her to me. The backside of her sleeper (footed pjs) was covered, the spillage was nearly halfway up to her neck. The smell!!! Oh my, the smell was unmasking!

We finally made it to our bedroom and when we unleashed the diaper we knew automatically that this was a bath situation. You would think that a guy would be able to handle some Gruesome smells. Peyton nearly threw up as if I was gonna clean that mess up as well. It was easier to get it off of P, but to get the poop out of her clothes is much harder than it looks. Paighton is now in the stage where when you put her in the bathtub (under our supervision of course) she loves to splash. Can you believe that after I washed all the poop off she splashed and it got all over me.

Mom life…

Peyton nearly died of laughter as if his side of the bed wasn’t the side we took her diaper off. Or where she decided it would be fun to kick and make a portrait of the end journey for food. (We changed our sheets don’t worry). Paighton seemed to be having a greater time than we were. Peyton took P into the room and managed to put her in a clean diaper and pjs.

As for me, I get the disaster part. You would think Peyton would say hey I’ll clean her pjs. Yet the only idea he had was to just throw them away.

This wasn’t the first time she had a blowout and it’s probably not the last. Till next time! Happy blogmas day 15!

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