Blogmas day 12

Woman are so in tune with their bodies that its a magical journey when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood.

The beginning before you get a positive test can rattle your brain. There are so many causes to missing your period. Most girls automatically assume they are pregnant from a slight late period.

When your not ready to have a baby and your period is a slight late the first thing you start to do is stress out. Stressing out releases hormones in your body that backs up your period even more. Extreme exercise, weight loss or even weight gain can be a factor as well!

Many people can have a missed period that is not caused by pregnancy. The common causes can be hormonal imbalances or other medical conditions.

”How long after you miss your period should you worry?”

From my knowledge waiting a week after your expected miss period is the best time to take a test. This is when your HCG levels are raised and able to be detected with a test. Another reason is birth control, your cycle can change when you encounter it on and off. The Contraceptives that are implanted or injected can cause a miss period as well.

When I missed my period I didn’t think any thing about it. I went on with my day because my periods were always irregular. Being pregnant wasn’t something I thought would happen to me. I waited seven days after my supposedly missed period to take a test. Ladies don’t waste your money on a $20 test when the 98 cent ones work just as well. I never had morning sickness but yet I felt nauseous at any moment and could blackout and faint at the most inconvenient time.

I took two test that both came out positive in the first 30 seconds. The first stage you might go through is denial. You start to look back and realize everything you have done that has lead up to this moment. I was in denial till I told peyton. I guess it’s a moment you have with yourself that you don’t full believe what’s going on. Than there’s a shocked faze that you know you have a baby bean inside of you. This moment you just want to cry, some people will cry in fear and some people will cry out of happiness. I believe I cried with both emotions. Scared of my future but excited I was creating a life.

Pregnancy is the best and worst nine months of my life. But in the end you get the best thing in the world!

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