Blogmas Day 11

A house is not a home till you put your own flare into it. When people walk in they want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

We have now been living in our first home for almost three months now. It’s finally starting to feel a lot more like a home since we decorated it a little bit more. When you get to know me on a personal level you know that I love to save a dollar. Which can we good yes but I also hate spending money with a passion. What’s weird is I can drop $50 on a new wallet for Peyton but debate if I want to treat myself with a $6 meal from whataburger.

Today I decided it was time we get our house together since we always have people over. Our house was nice before but we barely had any seats for anyone when they came over. Our trip to Wal-Mart began, we knew that the first things we needed were new curtain rods because I had originally gotten the cheap white ones. I’ve definitely learned my lesson that being cheap doesn’t always give you the best results.

I have two sets of gorgeous white full-length curtains at home that I’ve always wanted to put up. However, the cheap rods weren’t strong enough to hold them up. That was the first thing checked off our list! Next, we knew we just needed a smaller coffee table because the one we use to have was huge! It made our living room just look so much smaller than it already did. Peyton had a new idea of investing in a tv mount so that we could move our tv from the space we had it at. I must say his idea was well thought of because it gives me more space for decorations and most importantly candles!!! My FAVORITE candle smell is called ”Butt naked”! Dont knock it till you try it! As we were walking down the picture frame aisle we noticed that pictures were a must-have we needed to put up! Of course, I needed to find a good deal to not feel bad about spending so much money. The deal I found was amazing, we got a 9 piece picture frame set for only $18!! The live, laugh, love picture frames in the picture above came with the set along with the hearts! It also came with three other frames that Peyton decided to put on the wall to the left of our kitchen entrance way. His idea yet again hit the jackpot because our house was coming together at last! Thankfully we were blessed to not have to buy any furniture. We made the choice to gain another couch that peytons parents didn’t need. Which made us have more comfortable seats in our house. We gained this nice dark brown leather love seat. A very cool option for this couch is that its ability to recline. That’s not all that we added! My favorite picture I’ve always wanted to get but never wanted to spend the amount it went for. Thankfully Peyton encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and spend a little more than what I would like to.


^^ Can you tell how excited I am about finally buying this photo. Our home may not be fully done and our taste may be alot different from yours. It’s our home that we share and love! I can’t wait to see how many more memorable memories we will make in this house we call home!

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