Blogmas day 10

In this generation it’s acceptable to put your child in another room and use a camera to monitor them while they sleep.

Baby cam’s, baby monitors how ever you know them they all do the same thing! It’s basically FaceTiming your child while he or she sleeps. Today Peyton and I became new owners of the “Angelcare” monitor.

No this is not a paid ad! And my experience with this product is true.

I will be the first to say I’m an over protective mom by far! To many kids are getting kidnapped and sold like property. So if P Is always in the same room as I am or in eye sight range it’s motherly instincts. I never thought I’d have a baby monitor because I never saw a use in using one. Not to scare anyone but I’ve seen to many paranormal activity videos where a ghost appears on the monitor next to the baby.

I don’t care if the ghost is already dead I’ll kill it twice if they try to hurt my child. That’s my whole thought every-time someone brings up a baby monitor. Why on earth would You want your baby to be in another room while your sitting on the couch eating nachos? Why can’t your baby sleep on the couch next to you? Than I realized that most people live in noisy houses, where people can’t be tip toeing around when the baby is sleeping.

So I decided to give it a “try” for Peyton’s sake since he thinks having a baby monitor would be a great idea. We put P to bed or more like a pre-bed nap and set up the equipment. It was go time and my heart was about to shatter in a million pieces. I’ve never left P alone nor in a separate room. At this moment I was feeling like a horrible mom because I was leaving her for no apparent reason.

I than left and sat on the couch, thinking Peyton would of hopefully changed his mind and brought her with him. But of course my thought was wrong. All that was in his hands were nothing but the little white rectangle flat brick that manifested my sweet sleeping P. My mom senses were on fire, I wanted to charge into the room and escape with the baby.

Peyton’s dad came up with an idea to set my mind at ease on how sensitive this monitor was. He told Peyton to go into the room and snap his fingers near P. Not loud enough to wake her up but soft enough for me to realize how sensitive the monitor was. I was a little at ease when I saw P sleeping peaceful. I than told Peyton that I was gonna go check on her. As soon as I said that, the screen went black and I almost lost it. I darted into the room to see what was happening. Of course I found P sleeping without any problems.

The over protected mom as I am will have to take some time getting use to P being out of my sight. I do recommend this product or a product like this for mommy’s who want a little alone time when their baby is taking a nap. But for me its gonna take a few more milestones before I can be okay with that!

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