Blogmas day 9

As a stay at home mom I try my best to incorporate Peyton when he gets home. For him to be able to feel like he’s apart of paightons life since he works 24/7.

Feeding time is the perfect way to make him feel important. Lord knows I feed her all the time it’s nice to be able to get a brake for the 10 minutes he’s feeding her. Now that she has a better taste for rice cereal it’s her new favorite time of the day! Putting her into her high chair is a balance of making sure she doesn’t get too excited to the point she can fall out! Neither the less when it come to actually trying to put food in her mouth she’s like a little Parana!

It’s a time peyton and P are able to bond with each other and create memories alone with out mommy. Best believe the mess they both make it’s actually quite alarming! How can rice cereal get everywhere over everything. It’s a simple path on the spoon to her mouth.

You would think it’s not rocket science. But P likes to either hit the spoon or grab it. Some how the cereal always manages to get all over her bib and on her hands.

Peyton’s point of view of giving her cereal is that he doesn’t feed her very well! He explains to me that he loves feeding her because she laughs the whole time. Laughing while eating is definitely not a choking hazard. But expect part of the way she eats.

If you say so peyton! As a dad he is hard working, he may clock out of one job after a 8 hr shift but when he gets home he starts his daddy duty’s. Being home all day I have tons of jobs I have to accomplish by the time peyton gets home. I wouldn’t explain it as a relief but it’s mommy’s time to get a break and go pee in silence when daddy comes home.

Against all odds with having a baby, moving in, and learning to get to know each other all over again has been a journey Peyton and I will look back on and laugh. But for now I’m learning to accept that he puts his dirty clothes nexts to the hamper instead of inside. And He’s learning to accept that my hair will clog up the drain once in a while.

Cheers To all the many more memories we will create! And the many more episodes of feedings that will end up on p rather in her mouth!

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