Blogmas day 8

Graduating high school is all fun and games till you realize you’re one of the few that’s not leaving your hometown.

Seeing all of your friends open up acceptance letters and picking out their dorm decorations. Then finally leaving was the hardest part. This friend is moving to Georgia and that friend is moving to South Carolina and this one is moving to Florida. It was pretty overwhelming because I was pregnant and had to watch my friends leave. Looking back then I had envy the people who got to start a new life and travel to a new state. Most importantly live on their own and make a new identity.

Before I got pregnant I was all signed up and ready to submit my application to The University of Georgia;The college of veterinary medicine. I too was planning to say goodbye to my hometown and set sail to a new adventure. I remembered people asking me if I had a back up plan, you know the “what if you don’t get accepted” type of ordeal. I didn’t have, nor was I thinking about a back up plan. My mind was set and nothing was gonna stop me from pursuing my education and becoming a world top class veterinarian.

Till I got 2 blue lines and decided it was time to reevaluate my next steps that would change my life for the better. Instead of shooting for the stars and missing. I shot for the moon and landed on my own two feet. I focused more on my grades and they got even better. My future was still bright even though I was pregnant. I graduated high school at a high rank and made the decision to apply for lone star. I know some people will say.

well if you have a checkbook and you can breathe you will get in.”

Even if that may be true I was still striving to get into college. After graduation, I made a wise choice to take a semester off to be full hands on deck with Paighton. Having a 2 week old and starting college classes was like asking a fish to climb a tree. I was gonna try but I knew I wouldn’t have succeeded. Fast forward to today and I start my first college class in January! Paighton is a lot older now and she’s occupied by her toys! As a mom I know I made the right decision for myself to start classes a little later than the rest. My dreams will still come true because now I have someone who depends on my education for a better life.

Having a baby doesn’t stop you from being who you want to become. In fact I believe that it actually makes you work harder because you have someone who calls you there parent. If you are a soon to be parent, already a parent or just don’t have any idea if you will succeed. My advice to you is you can’t learn how to swim with out getting your toes wet. Even if you have to start small, or take some time off. This is your future and you will make the best of if!

She’s such a goofy little girl! Can you peep her teething ring around her ankle?!

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