Blogmas day 7

One whole week of blogging and it’s been lots of fun! A lot has changed for my blog and I just wanted to personally say thank you to all of my readers!

Yes you!! So give yourself a pat on the back! With my blogs reaching new grounds I have decided that it was time for a upgrade. Just be prepared for changes to come on my blog, not only with that saying I’ve accomplished having new readers from around the world. A very cool feature I added was that you can translate my blog into any language that best suits you.

I get this question quiet often as to why I started blogging and here’s my answer. Writing has always been something I was good at. I’d find myself being able to express how I felt in a easier more detailed way than speaking. Throughout my pregnancy I would get The same questions over and over again. I never had a problem with answering them but it got to the point where I was repeating a story at least five times in one day.

Of course everyone is gonna be interested in a pregnancy story, didn’t really mean they we’re extremely interested in mine personally. I feel like when people see girls pregnant in high school it’s like seeing a three legged dog. You want to go up to them and investigate the situation but you’re too nervous you might make them uncomfortable.

I started to write my blogs so that people would be able to be interested in what I had to stay in the comfort of their own surroundings. In a way I want to help people with my stories and advice that I have to offer. Being a teen mom is hard but it’s not extremely different than being average aged mom.

I believe every girl can get pregnant in high school, but what surprises people is it’s always the girls no one would ever think about. I probably shocked my high school when they started to find out. Rumors travel fast when you have some type of “dirt” on a person. Whether your friends with a person who’s pregnant or know someone in your high school please hear me out! Don’t make more drama for her or him (we have to support dads too).

As a friend you may be upset if they didn’t tell you right away, or the person they have conceived with isn’t a right fit. At this moment in time a friends job is to support and help with any way they can in this situation. The “parents to be” are overwhelmed with questions and they are terrified of the future. Some soon to be parents are extremely happy because they don’t see it as a mistake but as a blessing! 12 weeks pregnant!!

This was the picture I had posted on Snapchat when everyone started to ask me or noticed!! To me my baby bump was so small I didn’t even think anyone would have seen it in a 10 seconds photo.

The support and good comments I had received made my journey a whole lot easier from the start. Pregnancy it self is a hard task for anyone of any age. If you have the ability to encourage someone on this journey wouldn’t that be better than spreading awful rumors about them?

(Leave a comment below or shoot me a dm on how someone helped you or how you helped someone).

Don’t be the person who says rude comments than wants to meet the baby when he or she is born. This world needs more positivity in it and love. Just remember that what you say to someone or to other people about that person will affect them in some shape or form!

I’m extremely grateful for the friends that I have! Especially the support they have given me! Be the light in someone’s life whether they are pregnant or not! Being supportive in any situation is what matters the most.

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