Blogmas day 6

Today I can’t express the amount of proudness I have for Peyton!! Just to see him grow in the automotive industry has been Phenomenal. This is a win for the teen dad generation everywhere!

I met Peyton his senior year in high school, wow writing that just seem like I’ve known him longer than I actually have. I’ve seen Peyton struggle to maintain a interest in school, yet even show up on time in the mornings. I remember telling him to meet me in the parking lot before 1st period. Thinking that would improve his streak of being on time. It’s safe to say it did and even the security guard started to notice. Now fast forwarding to today (December 5,2019) he just received the award of student of the month at HCC.

Peyton’s dedication and love for mechanics has brought him far in his educational career that they even made a video for the automotive program that he was starred in.

His success video was something I’ve super proud to share because it’s all about him! Before Peyton furthered his career in the automotive industry he wasn’t convinced he was making the right decision. That’s a perfect example to all the people who are struggling to decide what they want to pursue in life.

Take a leap of faith and go with your gut. Join the military, enter a cooking class, become a kindergarten teacher. Your love for what you do drives how far you will succeed in the career you take.

For about 2 months now we had this award ceremony on our calendars. Little did I fail to hear it was actually a board meeting. Yes you definitely read that right, I took P into a Board meeting! The silence in the air was so sharp you could hear the person next to you breathing. I on the other hand was sweating bullets because no matter how great of a baby you have they are bound to make a sound!

Our first test came around to see how quiet P could really be when the moment of silence broke out. I must say that minute was the longest minute of history. I’m proud of P as well cause she didn’t make a pep. I let P stand up and look over my shoulder and of course she makes a friend. The gentleman behind me had asked me..

How long will she stay this happy”

My initial response was..

For a while, she’s always this happy”

That’s when I started to low key freak out because I didn’t know how long this meeting was and all eyes were on P now. I was sitting next to Peyton’s nanny, for a good minute his nanny’s rings caught p’s attention.

“When are we going to leave.”

Scattered around my thoughts, I felt like I had a bright red arrow pointing down on my head saying

“Look at me.”

About 15 minutes of boring conversations and a tribute to the late 41st president, which I highly respected. It was finally the moment we all have been waiting for. A lady walked up to the Podium and started to say a speech about Peyton.

“Peyton Middleton is taking part of the automotive career HCC has to offer, his dedication and hard work has set him apart from others to be recognized for this award here today.”

They played Peyton’s success story and I felt the room just overflow with joy. They proceeded to invite Peyton to stand up front and take a picture with the highest board members of HCC. Peyton hates being the center of attention for anything but at this moment I’m glad my family and his got to cherish this amazing memory and accomplishment.

During the quick moment Peyton was the spot light my mom of all people was shouting out,

“Go Peyton!”

I turn to look at her and remind her we’re in a board meeting not a football game. I must say it was pretty funny and Peyton appreciated that my mom cheered for him.

After all was said and done P made it out with out making a noise. And Peyton now has a certification for student of the month to put under his belt. I couldn’t be prouder of the man Peyton has become and most importantly I’m honored to be his number one fan in the background of his success.

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