Blogmas day 5

Rice cereal is the name commonly given to industrially manufactured baby food based on rice. It has been recommended by pediatricians in the US as the initial food for solid food-ready babies for the second half of the 20th century.

Alright so now that we got that out of the way and you non parents understand what I’m gonna be talking about now.

Today December 4th 2019 paighton had her first meal!!! As for me I was super nervous, I’m for sure the over protected mom who stops things before they turn bad! In this case with feeding rice cereal it’s a new beginning for paighton’s next milestone in life!

Majority of the older pediatricians will say to wait till six months to introduce solid foods. I on the other case have went with the newer generation and have started solids at 4 months. Ask anyone breastfeeding is a everyday job and it takes everything out of your body to provide liquid gold.

The first signs I realized that I needed to feed P solids was that she started to become interested in my food. Her hands were always in my plate and she knew where her mouth was located. Than my milk just wasn’t satisfying her for as long as she use to go. A normal two to three hour wait turned into a 1 hour and 30 minutes between each feeding. That wasn’t enough time for my body to regenerate enough ounces to fill her up in the next feeding. This than turned into a fussy baby which isn’t like P at all! Getting her to focus and eat was a task because my milk flow wasn’t as fast as it was when I was full.

I finally made the decision to go out and buy some rice cereal. As for my mom she was way more excited to get P eating than I was. She even ended up buying P her first set of spoons which I sadly say wasn’t pink at all. Creating the rice cereal was interesting. For a first time feeder it’s ratio is 1 tbsp to 4-5 tbsp of breast milk (or formula). In other words it’s so soupy you might as well just put it in a bottle and call it a day.

When I first introduced P to the cereal she would get extremely overwhelmed with excitement that she would knock the spoon almost out of my hand. Whelp, there goes the cereal everywhere except her mouth. Which is the only place it’s suppose to be. If she doesn’t knock the spoon she tends to grab it and not let go. I don’t see how this helps her out because she starts to cry when the food doesn’t come back.

Um missy I have to reload the food, the food on the spoons aren’t just everlasting.

In all this new journey was definitely one for the books. We may have gotten more food on her shirt, in her neck rolls, down her chest and most certainly but not surprising on her high chair.

I think P would rate the rice cereal a 10 out of 10 because it’s the new start to eating real food! Mama may be a little sad that her baby is growing up but she’s happy because her baby is growing up healthy. With introducing foods the risk of allergies appear in a greater risk than it does when she’s exclusively breastfeeding.

I’ve learned to not let that fear take over the joyful moments I have to create! So I decided I needed to treat myself with a purchase of the “Baby bullet” it’s a three step purée machine that blends food together for her to eat. Basically it’s a blender to make solids into soup. I now have a greater knowledge of what I’m actually feeding P. Even though the process may take longer in the future,with the steaming and boiling of the vegetables. But I know exactly what my baby is taking into her body.look it’s the kitchen table we barely use in our house!

So let’s take a leap into these new milestones and trying out new foods. Paighton is growing up before our eyes and soon enough you will be reading a new blog about how she’s 1 and crawling.

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