Blogmas day 4

Ladies and gentlemen the sky has become bluer and the birds sing louder because I have finally fit back into my miss me jeans.

They are a little snug for my junk in the trunk and my over flow of deserts on the sides of my hips are still too generous. With all that aside I’m just glad that this mom bod is getting back into shape. This really made my day today because it’s an accomplishment.

What most people don’t see is that once you have a baby you still look pregnant. The belly doesn’t go away right when you deliver and that’s what gets most moms. I can say that when P was born Peyton looked at me with excitement and shouted…

”hey, you’re flat again.”

Not even gonna lie it made me ecstatic because my belly really did deflate. However in that case I was laying down and gravity helped a little. Four months postpartum when I think back I don’t remember how I felt to look pregnant. Do I miss it? Of course I miss feeling Paighton kick me in the ribs and moving my stomach all across America.

I haven’t lost all of my baby weight and I don’t expect to drop it in 2 months from now. I’ve learned that my body says a lot about me as a person. You have to love yourself now in the skin you are in so that you cherish the body you worked for, a whole lot better! I believe that Peyton has helped me see the beauty in my postpartum body.

Having someone encourage you and make you feel beautiful even when you don’t feel like it’s true is just the best. As I’m deep into writing this blog and saying how encouraging he is, he opens the door and says..

“Hey cutie”

Just the simple things like that helps me build my confidence and realize I am still beautiful. When P grows up I want to teach her to be comfortable and confident. A powerful woman is a woman who is confident in herself and lack the need for opinion of others.

Postpartum is the hardest part for myself because I’m in the stage of transition. I’m not pregnant anymore, but I feel like I don’t have an excuse for all this extra weight I still have. So to help me feel better about myself I have started to walk and exercise. Being active is what helps me get my day going. I may not be running three thousand miles but I am cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, cooking food, and making liquid gold (milk). So to all you mommies in postpartum or future mommies who will experience it one day just remember that your body is a temple.

You only have one life to live, so if your favorite jeans can’t fit you anymore just go buy the exact same style in a bigger size. Don’t stress yourself out trying to look the way you did before you were pregnant. Embracing the wears and tear of motherhood is an accomplishment most woman can’t do.

So change that oversized T-shirt, wash the throw up out of your hair and embrace your mom bod! Because you created life with your own body and being able to squeeze into your pre pregnancy clothes shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you happy! Cause mama you did it!

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