Blogmas day 3

Have you ever just had an idea to get up and go somewhere?! All you have to do is make a choice on a destination, put on a clean pair of socks and you’re out the door? 15 minutes tops and your ready.

I’m just gonna be real honest with you kiss those 15 minute spontaneous trip ideas good bye when you have a baby; Or at least in my case I have.

This morning for instance, Peyton and I woke up at 10am and decided we should get ready to start our errands for the day. So my first step to getting ready is to feed P so that’s out the way and I can get myself “mommyfied”. Who knows if that’s a thing but it is now. Most of the time it’s the guys waiting on the girls while they do make up, hair, and getting dress takes a while. Except the roles have changed and I have to wait on Peyton to get ready. Why??? Oh boy that’s my question as well! When Peyton starts to get ready it’s a total fight!!!

You would think P would be the troubled one to get ready in the morning. She’s the happiest baby and loves mornings by far. I say she gets that from me because lord knows her “dada” hates mornings with a true passion! Most of the time I find him singing to his self in the mirror while brushing his teeth.


Nothing but the truth on this blog, and when you take more than 17 years to get out the door I’m gonna drop a truth bomb on ya. After Peyton manages to finally sharpen up I hand the baby to him so that I can deal with my own nest of bed head and brush my teeth so I don’t kill a soul.

Thinking I have all my ducks in line and my face is on I pop into the room to find PEYTON STILL IN HIS UNDERWEAR talking to P as if we have no where to be! At this moment I think to myself how someone can manage to strangle a human being ;and I realize what they had to go through for that thought to run across a persons mind .

He has one job to just get himself dressed for the day and walk out the front door. At this point I wouldn’t even care if it was the side door just LEAVE THE HOUSE with something decent covering your body so you don’t get charged for public nudity. Once you become a mom you just gain this super power to multitask. I get P and I dressed, fill the diaper bag. Buckle her in the car seat, manage to make breakfast So we can eat in the car and dads are lost in there own house. It takes us about a hour just to leave. I truly see it as when you’re a stay at home mom and someone opens the door to leave. Best believe move out the way cause she’s gonna do hurdle over the couch, crawl under the table, tumble through the hall way just to go outside and see the world.

Working dads on the other hand see being home as relaxing. Probably why they drag their feet, pretend to poop and lose their keys when it’s time to leave! We see y’all, don’t think you’re fooling us. we’re so slick we change diapers without waking up the baby at night while we are still half asleep. So to all you dads who have time to read my blog while on the toilet get out cause you know damn well you’re legs are about to go numb.

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