Blogmas day 1

Welcome to the wonderful month of December where the air smells like cinnamon pine cones and everyone is just much happier!

Blogmas day 1 has started so enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, grab a cozy blanket and let’s get started!

Grocery trips for this house takes about 2 hours to accomplish and I hate going alone.


Because people now a days are just plain out creepy and like to target woman with small children. I dare them come at me, I’ll stab one of them in the throat with a fork if someone tries to take my baby.

So to save someone’s life and my jail time waiting for Peyton to get home after work is the best bet. Not even gonna lie taking him to the grocery store is like having two kids I have to watch over. Going to the grocery store at night is actually a blast because no one is there, and you don’t have to move out of a old ladies way cause she wants the same mac N cheese as you.

I finally have time to plan out my meals and decide which brand is the cheapest because we’re on a budget. Not a type of budget where we have to only buy Ramon noodles but a type of budget where I have to make sure we get meats and sides besides snacks and fries. Well carm fries are a side..and even though that’s true it’s definitely not healthy for a working mechanic who works outside all day.

When it comes to cooking I make all types of dishes from American food to Chinese even Caribbean. I love mixing it up and trying new flavors, and when you have a fiancé who loves to chow down you have to keep it interesting. But anyways our grocery trips aren’t like most people’s. We start a timer in the parking lot for 1 hour and try to finish in that time frame. It isn’t always the case but we manage to cut our 2 hour trip into a 1 hour and 30 minute trip. Why does it take us that long to pick out food?! Well I’ll blame it on Peyton.. A fireball at heart and when someone gives you something good to write about I take it! He’s always making me laugh till I have abs of steal and can’t breath anymore. As parents it’s sometimes good to act a little childish and have fun. You know “kick up your feet” and live a little. I think that’s what Peyton brings mostly to this relationship is to remind me to live a little. I guess I get so caught up with trying to be the responsible perfect mom because of my age, I totally forget that I’m still 19 and I need to have fun as well.

To get our grocery shopping started the vegetable and fruit section is always our first stop. Only because it’s the first thing right when you walk into the door. Every time we pass by I try to get Peyton to pick up at least a fruit he will eat. And of course it never happens so we zoom through and onto the vegetables we go.

I try to make our meals filled with greens, it’s the only way Peyton will eat veggies is if I basically hide them in the meals. He’s my first child, even though he’s almost 20 years old. I thank his mother for raising such a great man who DOESN’T eat his veggies. Who also likes to run around in the grocery store. But like any great mom I know how to persuade to get veggies in the belly! Since Peyton loves Doritos and coke we made a deal that if we have those in our cart he has to pick out a veggie as well! Of course we had those items because they are an essential to Peyton’s diet. He basically has coke running through his veins and his stomach lining is padded with Dorito crumbs. 10 out of 10 the best diet in the world, can you sense the sarcasm.

Mama Carmelita- 1

Daddy P-Town – 0

Veggies for the win!!!

Can you tell how happy he is that he choose broccoli!! We actually made beef and broccoli that turned out pretty decent! Mama carm can cook!!!! But anyways with an hour and 30 minutes later our journey has finally and when I say finally I’m saying finally with flying colors. Neon lights, popping confetti and the whole shebang! How can two people eat so much?! Trust me I have no idea but we do and $130 dollars later our fridge is fat and our bank account is skinny. We just love adulting and spending money on life essentials. wondering about P, aren’t you? Well during our grocery trips since we go so late she sleeps through it the whole time. On the very few occasion that she’s up and playing we bring in the big toys to keep her mind occupied. A spoiled little girl indeed she is, and if you’re a middle child as myself you totally understand that the first born is always spoiled. If that’s not the case then its the youngest! As we make our trip to our happy home since It’s the wonderful time of Christmas I love jamming out to Christmas music!


Now arriving home and putting groceries inside is another task we have to deal with. Let alone bringing in a baby, a diaper bag and what other items you already have to bring in as well is already a hassle. Like with every great task I meet it head on and conquer it! So once Peyton turns off the car he immediately grabs a hand full of groceries and heads for the door. Just as the overachiever I am I grab the baby, diaper bag and a hand full of groceries.


I’ll gladly take that title any day!

As our journey has finally come to a end and our groceries are safely inside. We sit back and realize how bless we are to provide for ourselves! Yes you haters read that right we don’t use our parents money to pay for anything! I’m forever grateful for Peyton who works hard to pay for what we need! Teen parents can and will rise above!

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