Mama 19

So if you follow me on social media you must have noticed my new hashtag #mama19. The reason behind it is because I’m not a #nasty19 type of person. I’m a mother of a beautiful baby girl and I don’t want her to look back on my social media and see mama put #nasty19 on her birthday photos. So I decided to make my own hashtag and #mama19 was the best I got! Feel free to use it if you need to!

My 19th birthday is a blessing to having because it’s another trip around the sun with the people I admire and love the most. On November 24th one time a year I get to be celebrated for when I decide to escape the womb! Once you put it into that form birthdays are kinda interesting. so this is how my birthday all began! My lovely, fiancé Peyton stayed up while I went to bed to decorate our little home! When I saw it I was moved to tears because no guy has ever done anything this special for me! Peyton always shows me that good guys do exist. lets just take a moment and realize how creative he had to be cause it looks perfect! My heart is filled with love for a man who keeps me on my toes and makes me feel like I’m worth the wild. Just for a simple 19 on the wall (even tho it looks like 14) this simple thing made me feel amazing. Not to forget about the hand written letter he wrote me front And back confessing the love he still has for me. Best believe I’m gonna keep the letter till the day I die!

The hundred and one gifts he got me were very thoughtful but my favorite was spending another birthday with him! (Hold the tears ladies) when Peyton got home after work I knew it was dinner time! I most definitely was very excited to eat some good food but I What I’ve been dreading all day had finally come.

Peyton and I haven’t had a date night since Princess P was born. She’s almost 4 months old and I still haven’t left her alone for too long. Finally getting dressed for my birthday dinner it was time to leave but without our baby girl. I didn’t have the heart to leave her so all I started to do was cry. I know some moms are glad to leave there a little one. That’s definitely not me at all, but I knew Peyton and I needed some alone time to keep our relationship fresh!

After crying for almost 10 minutes in the car I knew this wasn’t a date night Peyton wanted. Music of course is the cure to everything so I turned up the volume and rolled down the windows. It was my 19th birthday and I needed to make it the best! Peyton as a clown he is started to sing with me. It was the best karaoke night of all time.

Once we made it to mama fu’s we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. It was a well needed dinner for just peyton and I. Neither of us hold a baby or eat super quick so that the other person can grab the baby.

After dinner I decided that I need to keep my tradition going that I started when I was 18 years old. I got my first two tattoo’s on my 18th birthday so I decided why not just go get a tattoo on my 19th as well. 18th birthday! I’m in the process

Of getting my first tattoo!

My first tattoo dedicated to my mom.

My mom’s tattoo on top! And my mom and I on my 18th birthday after we finished getting our tattoos!

Here’s my 2nd tattoo I got on my 18th birthday! This is my favorite bible verse because even at my worst times God still loved me and this verse reminds me to love others even when they aren’t as pleasing to be around.

So back to my 19th birthday I decided to take a trip to the tattoo shop! But this time I called up a fellow mama to join me! I go to rose and anchor tattoo because the vibes and scenery are very chill! The tattoo I decided to get means so much to me because it was dedicated to my beautiful baby girl. From a Pinterest idea to real life was a journey.

I first started out with the idea to just have a pretty font with paighton’s birthday. My tattoo artist Dylan was awesome at giving me ideas he told me to write her birthday myself. I’m so glad he did because when I first initially told him P’s birthday I said 9/29/18.

Ladies and gentlemen she’s a LEO, which means her birthday is JULY 29,2018! 7-29-18!!!! I would of had a huge mistake on my skin and than there would be nothing I could do about it. After many moments of creating the right masterpiece it was go time!! The stencil was placed and the pain was something I had forgotten about last year. To me this tattoo felt like a burn more like my arm was on fire but not to the point where you can’t handle the pain. Dylan told me that I needed to be super still since my tattoo was all lines and super thin. That made me very nervous cause I don’t want a janky tattoo! During the process Peyton felt the need to document my facial expressions. Since I didn’t want to talk Because I didn’t want to move! In this picture I felt like my tear drops were appearing a little. I definitely didn’t cry but I guess the burning started to get to me! You have to get through pain for things you want. The final product my readers!!! I’m so in love with the fact that my own handwriting wrote her birthday!! I can’t wait to see what next year brings us for our little family and for our next tattoos!

Y’all hit up holly Jordan’s YouTube channel!!!!!!!

But lastly a round of applause for my tattoo artist Dylan who made my experience once again amazing!

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