A thankful Princess p

Let me start off by saying happy thanksgiving, happy turkey day, maturkey pants day, gobble day, how ever you state the celebration happy holiday.This is peyton and I on thanksgiving day 2017 I was 5 weeks pregnant here.

It’s crazy to think that a year ago on thanksgiving paighton was smaller than a grain of rice in my tummy and no one knew I was pregnant. Just finding out you’re pregnant than having your family gather around you having no idea was just terrifying.

“Do I have a bump”

“Do I look pregnant yet”

“Will I throw up smelling a certain dish?!”

Questions after questions after questions. My world was spinning around and I had absolutely no control over what was to come.

Fast forward to this years thanksgiving and our daughter is here! There are so many amazing memories we have gained in just one year. I am completely overwhelmed with so many things I’m grateful for. From having a baby, to getting engaged. And planning my wedding that’s less than a year away to the man of my dreams and the father of my child. I’m blessed to stay home with Paighton and to be able to see her reach all of her milestones. I’m grateful to be a stay at home mom who’s main job is to focus on school. I am blessed and grateful that Peyton and I Are able to provide the very best for our baby. Every day when I wake up in my own home I know that God has seen us struggle and blessed us with the things we have.

I may not be a perfect mom but a perfect mom is what I strive to be! With 4 months being right around the corner it’s almost time for princess P to start tasting food. Now I might be overwhelmed with blessings and gratefulness but I’m extremely overwhelmed with the fact that our baby girl will start to taste Food.

With introducing new foods into her diet other than just breastmilk is a scary thought because allergies can arrive at any moment. Some people say four months is too soon to give your baby food but its all in your perspective. P will soon start out with rice cereal which is a step one to baby food.

Princess P has definitely hit the stage where she likes to grab everything. This Thanksgiving the tablecloth’s were more interesting than her toys. And the turkey leg my mom put in front of her face was something she really wanted to try. Da-da definitely wasn’t gonna let her have a taste because of all the seasoning on it. I must say I stand with him on that. The only thing Princess P has had is breast milk which for her age is the only thing she needs.

but next year I already know that the turkey we teased her with this year will be the first thing on her plate.

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