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I’m almost four months postpartum and to myself I look about 3 months pregnant. (I’m definitely not so that’s out the question).

A woman’s body imagine means a lot to them. Whether You say it doesn’t mean a thing, or your out spoken about it. Your body imagine affects you in some shape or form. When you get naked in the shower every girl takes a quick glimpse at their body. A for me it’s true, I look at my body all the time.

I know that my body has created a human being and nurtured her till she was ready to live outside the womb on her own. As a mother and a woman I’m proud of what my body became after. Before I got pregnant my body was “perfect”. I had no love handles, the perfect flat stomach the body every girl dreams about. Back then I would say my life style wasn’t healthy. I barely ate, always drank water so I thought I was “full” and when I did eat it was 1 meal a day and I would stuff my face. I was happy with the way I looked but I never knew the troubles it would cause me in the future.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew something had to give and it was my eating habits. I needed to nourish our child and that meant to get over my fear of getting “fat”. Yes I was ridiculous because I was active. I played sports rode my horses at least 3 times a week. There was no way I would of even gained a oz if I started to eat more. In fact it would probably help me out cause I would burn a lot of calories a day just from my physical activities. If only I would of appreciated the body I had back then just a little bit more.

Fast forward to when I finally went shopping at my favorite store before pregnancy. A’Gaci, it was an interesting experience to be apart of. My body now is definitely very different than it was before with stretch marks from my beautiful growing baby that I grew from my own body. I started out trying on some clothes from a jump suit to a shirt and I didn’t like how I looked.

I felt horrified because my body type is no longer a toothpick but now some curves of art. I couldn’t wrap myself around the fact that I had changed and that’s what made me think I wasn’t myself. I can be the first to admit I had a image issue for my post pardon body. To my blessings I have a group of amazing girls who help me get through everything because they too are going through it was well.

Word of advice from the “baby mama” group chat..

“Your body took 9 months to make a human so give it 9 months to get back in shape’”

They are right, these wise words have given me strength to get through my bad days and gain the good ones. To realize that I will come back stronger and looking better than I have before I was pregnant. To setting new goals of hope and working towards it all! To the ultimate mom bod I will have just to be changed up again with my next child.

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