“Fall”ing in love

Can you already hear wedding bells???

Ladies and gentlemen it’s finally time to start planning for my wedding. The day I’ve been waiting for ever since I met Peyton! I was never the little girl who dreamed about her wedding or imagined what it would be like. I never saw myself marrying anyone before I met Peyton! He is my Prince Charming in blue jeans and vans.

You probably thought I was gonna say boots but Peyton wears his vans much more because they are way more comfortable. I can’t blame him, but the point is he’s my future husband! Ooo that has a nice ring to it! I had no idea where I was gonna start on the whole planning a wedding type thing! Of course I have about 2 years worth of Pinterest ideas and I already have the base line of what I wanted our wedding to look like. Butttttt what I have to remind myself is to incorporate Peyton’s ideas just as much as mine.

I don’t know about y’all’s guy’s or you but Peyton doesn’t care about the details and the decorations. All he cares about is getting married TO ME! That feeling of wanting to marry someone just as bad as they want to marry you is incredible. Even though Peyton and I will have to communicate for the rest of our lives because we have a daughter together our relationship has grown closer with each other.

Wedding planning is so hectic with every thing you have to order and prepare. The best advice I’ve gotten so far is chose your wedding dress first then everything will fall into place afterwards, Oh boy were they right!!! It took me having to shop through 3 places before I found MY DRESS!!!!

Each time I would go in, explain how I envision my wedding and we would play dress up for a few hours. Finally after I searched through the third store and about 7 dresses later I gave up! I had this feeling that maybe a wedding dress wasn’t for me. I thought that all the dresses I’ve worn so far were not attractive and I wasn’t happy with my progress.

Another thing was my body wasn’t to the point to where I want it and that gave me a unconfident feeling when I was trying on dresses. Finally after a near breakdown of knowing I wasn’t gonna find my dress my mom decided to let me try on a dress that would push me out of my comfort zone.

Low and behold, that was the dress! I was happy, my face turned peachy and I couldn’t hold in my excitement. I had finally FOUND MY DRESS! The dress I’ll be walking down the aisle to marry my best friend and the father of princess P! From the first time I met him at O’Reillys, to our first date..

And Our hang out journeys ..and may more memorable memories that we have created. I knew he was the man I was going to marry! The dress was checked off my list and I was in complete total love! The next to check off was our wedding venue. Just like the wedding dress experience we looked at about three venues before we finally made our decision on where we WANTED to get married!

The two hardest choices were done, checked of the list and off to the next we went! The right colors and schemes to go with the whole wedding is actually pretty challenging. How many different shades of pink can a company make?! The amount of time I spent choosing the perfect shade of pink is actually ridiculous! Pink petal, watermelon, cherry blossom, this part was insane.

But let’s not forget how hard it is to get Peyton to actually go to a suit shop and try on clothes. Yeah he’s definitely not a ken Barbie doll but playing dress up would be fun. There’s catering and flowers we have to look at, the cake and its flavors are another step. I already know it’s gonna be easier to get Peyton to the cake tasting appointment.

The fact is we’re actually getting married!! Who knew that walking into o’Reilly’s over 2 years ago would lead to this very day. A beautiful baby girl, a happy home and a gorgeous ring on my finger. I can’t wait to take his last name and become his wife. I can’t wait to grow our family and be next to him when he accomplishes big things.

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