A little bling

I knew this day would eventually come along and I’ve tried to just forget about it and at times. Obviously that didn’t help much and to say the least I over estimated it by far!!!

November 3,2019

P finally got her EARS PIERCED!!! The wait and agonizing is finally over. Our princess P did just what everyone expected her not to do! Amazing!

Wait she didn’t scream?”

Oh no no, P did a little whimper but a strong baby she was! My mom on the other hand. Couldn’t contain her waterfalls, Here I am with trying to not start my water works. staying strong for my daughter and I look over to see my mom trying to contain her rain drops.

The whole process was emotional to the point I almost backed out. Of course in the end it always makes a good blog but in the moment all I could think about was if I was making the right choice. It was time to pick out her first pair of earrings and of course this was a hard decision. There were so many choices of different metals but what was crazy is they all looked the same!

The difference you ask???

The price, yes can you believe that the same pair for $15 looked exactly like the pair for $25. Thank God the piercing was included. I have 10 piercings all together and 7 of them I did myself.


Alright quick story time!

So when I was 16 years old my mom allowed me to get my second pair of piercings. Like most girls I went to Claire’s. (To my readers not from the United States it’s a accessory store usually in a mall.) I highly recommend people to go to a tattoo parlor when they want piercings because I had a horrible experience with getting my piercings from Claire’s. The lady who pierced my ears didn’t line them up properly with the purple dot she put at first. And to make matters worst they started to tear through my ear lobe almost making a cut down. I immediately noticed what my earrings were doing and I took them out to heal up.

Basically going to Claire’s in my opinion to get your ears pierced is a waste of money. I then waited about 6 weeks and went up to a tattoo parlor and got them re-pierced. That’s when my addiction started! Because not only was the piercing painless but it was a simple procedure I was sure enough I could handle.

2 weeks later and I now had 3 rows, and soon enough I was up to 4. All done by myself in my bed room, thinking about it now it all seems crazy but I really wanted more. Soon enough I got enough courage and mastered my cartilage piercing. My mom made a little mistake when she told me if I wanted more piercings I had to do it myself. paighton did by far amazing especially with a crowd watching her in the process. I must say the worst thing was having to hold her down so she wouldn’t move. After about 2 minutes after my mom took this picture P had her very first pair of bling and she didn’t even cry! She wasn’t too happy taking pictures but our little princess P did amazing like always!! I hope y’all are enjoying my blogs! 💛 remember that a smile can change someone’s day for the better. For questions or you want a specific subject contact me on

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