Mom bod

Welcome to the postpartum side of things, where you still look pregnant but your baby is already laughing and can be ready to just move out to college. In my pregnancy I gained a total of 50 lbs probably a little more but I’m trying to keep what’s left of my confidence here. I did my research on how I was gonna look after giving birth and I must say it’s definitely a whole lot different experiencing it then just reading.

Hey Kinda like my blogs for you!!!

But anyways Princess P is almost 3 months old and I still look like I’m about 4 months pregnant. Yes I can hide it with a cute top but when it comes off it’s like SURPRISE!!

Did you miss me?

Not one bit!

No one ever tells you that looking at your body after having a baby was gonna be so downgrading. As if I had expected to just fit back into my size 3 miss me jeans and call it a day! Almost 3 months later I can squeeze into them but I still can’t button them up. Close..but not close enough I guess.

I’ve learned to embrace my mom bod because I created life for 9 whole months! Honestly 10 months but That’s besides the point! My body nurtured a living person for 40 weeks and 3 days, till she was able to come out into this world. Yet I still nurture her by feeding her milk through my own body! Those pretty perky boobs you once had, yeah that’s a hard goodbye cause now they are “milk” faucets and leak everywhere at anytime.

My favorite time to leak is 5 am in the morning when I’m feeding Paighton on one side and the other side decides it wants to join in on the fun. Now I’m covered with sticky milk and I’m tired with a hungry baby on the other boob.

Yes motherhood is amazing!

That definitely wasn’t sarcasm at all I love being a mom. If I had to give up my 126 lb body for my child I would do that again in a heartbeat! I can happily say I enjoy my stretch marks and my extra love handles. Its all part of being a mom so count me in!

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