Give me a hand

Sunday mornings are the best, it’s just something about the feeling of them that makes me smile.

P woke up a hour later than she usually does, good for me I guess cause I got a extra hour of sleep before I had to wake up and change a diaper and feed once again. But this time it was a little different.

How so?

Well…my engagement ring was just a tad bit snug on my finger, so I woke peyton up to change the baby and I proceeded to twist the ring off my finger. At that moment I realized my hand was swollen!

Yes swollen!!

what on earth bit me?

Was it poisonous?

Will it hurt my baby?

So many questions started to over pile my brain! Yet again it’s 6:30 in the morning and all I want to do is just go back to sleep and worry about this problem when the sun comes up. I was at the point in the morning where I was engorged with milk! And thankfully paighton was ready to eat, I guess she ate so fast and over stuffed her face that when I went to pick her up and change positions she threw up all over me, our bed and herself.

Just shots of milk going everywhere, as if she’s a fountain of milk. I grabbed her quicker then I could process what was going on. Milk just kept pouring and shooting at me, as a mom you don’t care about the nasty stuff no more your child is your main concern. I didn’t want paighton to choke even if it meant I was gonna be covered in baby milk vomit.

With a new clean change of sheets and a new night time outfit we were ready for bed once again. Let me just inform you of a small detail, we had to be up in about a hour and a half to get ready to leave and go see a wedding venue!

We’re getting married!!

That’s another story for another blog! Y’all stay tune!

So the time came to put paighton in the car and what made my day run even better was I stepped in a pile of fire ants. Good bye to my ankle cause apparently it was lunch time! This day has definitely been one for the books in the chapter of bad days!

Not only is my hand continuously becoming more swollen but, it’s itchy and super red. The more you scratch the worst it gets and those over the counter anti-itching creams DON’T WORK! I even took the lowest dose of children’s Benadryl.

Why children’s?

Well for one I hate taking medication of any kind endless it’s 150% necessary like a life or death situation. Apparently that’s not in this case but I had to think of paighton because I didn’t want anything to pass through my milk and harm her in anyway.

So bottoms up of 5 ml and out like a light I went! Light weight? Yeah I know I am! Peyton was definitely on daddy duty cause I had no idea I was falling asleep. Medication and I don’t really mix well, when I was younger I was given the wrong dosage of medication and it scared me to death. I woke up not being able to breath and that feeling is the reason I won’t take anything.

You probably think I’m nuts but I had a bad reaction to medication my theory is that why would you take a pill that cures one thing but gives you a million and one symptoms.

Yes, you won’t have a runny nose anymore but best believe you might have..

1.Liver disease

2. Kidney failure

3. Chronic illness

4. Vomiting and diarrhea

The list can go on!! And I’m not gonna be apart of anything endless I research it all!

In all I’m glad whatever thought my hand was dinner picked me instead of paighton. I wouldn’t be able to see our baby girl in so much pain!

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