A handful of a day!

This day deserves 3 whole naps, a nice relaxing bath and a big tub of ice cream. Because my butt is kicked left and right, up and down and all across Texas.

Even if you’re sicker than a dog there’s no sick days for this mama cause baby girl needs to still be fed,loved and changed. 3:27 am was the time miss princess P decided to wake up which is so weird cause her normal time is 5:30. At this point I was even upset because that’s when I noticed my hand was even more swollen then before! This is Peyton’s idea of my hand.

Just being the type of person I am I try to do everything naturally before I have to take any type of medication. So here I go placing my swollen hand in a bowl of ice water while feeding a hungry baby before the sun even decided to do its job. My job as a mom is around the clock a serious 24/7 job.

7:30 arrived and I woke up to a horrifying feeling, I was almost at lost in movement with my hand. I couldn’t make a fist at all and my fingers were red. Just a totally scary and uncomfortable feeling. I sent a picture to my mom and immediately she told me to go to the hospital. Ahh not again I hate those places, but out of the best interest for my hand and the mobility it’s what I had to do. This was my hand right before I went to bed.

My true concern was I didn’t want paighton to get sick but I had no choice but to bring her. We finally arrived and you know it’s bad when the nurses are shocked to see your hand the size of a grape fruit.

“Oh my god that does look bad”

Well thanks for making me feel better I’m the one with a grape fruit eating my hand. As soon as the Er doctor saw me they waited no time and immediately admitted me into the hospital.

“Do you know what happened?”

“Did you get bit from a spider?”

“Are you allergic to anything you know of?”

All of these questions were thrown at me and all of the answers were no. I felt helpless because I had no idea what was going on, how it happened or even if it was something in my house.

“What if this happened to Paighton?”

She would of been in bigger trouble then I am right now. Or what if Peyton’s hand was the one to swell up? He wouldn’t be able to work, and not only that when guys get sick they act like World war 3 is happening (if only they knew how labor felt). Even when I got to the hospital my hand was still growing in size and the tightness started to burn my hand.Thank God I took my ring off just in time cause it made a real pretty mark on my finger. This allergic reaction I had started to spread up my arm. It wrapped around my arm and ended at the top of my arm pit area. The itchiness was insane it was so bad that my skin felt like someone was twisting my arm after a sunburn. If I wanted to itch it that would only make it worst. I knew Peyton didn’t want to spend a few nights again at the hospital.

Originally the doctor wanted to keep me till Wednesday that was a no go for me cause I didn’t want to stay in a germ infested place with our two month old baby. No one can watch her because she’s exclusively breastfed and bottles aren’t her cup of tea! I don’t blame her, bottles are artificial nipples that doesn’t actually look comfortable to drink out of.

However our stay at the hospital wasn’t too bad! Our baby girl made every bit of it filled with smiles cause she was having a blast. I’m so extremely grateful for coming out of this situation healthy! But for sure it was a day I never want to play over again.

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