Living the chaos

What can I say, so far being a mom has been the best job I’ve ever had!! I definitely wouldn’t trade it for the world! Everyday I get to stay home and watch our princess P grow up to become a more independent, curious human every single day!

Simple things as looking for me when I leave the room or her smiles when I tell her “hi mamas”. My heart just can’t get any bigger with love.

I thought I couldn’t love any one more than I love Peyton and here I am loving a human that we created from love. I would give my life up in a heart beat just for her, this isn’t a love you will ever experience till you’re a parent.

Here’s a look into our life right about now! It’s already been a month since we moved in and we still don’t have all of our decorations up in our house. We have them but they are still packed away in boxes. We have yet to put up our curtains in our living room, even though Peyton has tried to accomplish that task so many times and every single time we get distracted with another grown up duty.

The reality of playing “house” with your best friend is honestly way better when you aren’t pretending! And when the baby doll is your daughter who looks exactly like you is a bonus! I love my little family but getting out the house is a hassle! It’s not as easy as just getting up off the couch and heading out the door. It probably likes us about 45 minutes to actually leave. And that’s if we’re rushing!

We have to remember the diaper bag, make sure there’s diapers in the diaper bag. Refill the wipes and grab a burp cloth, put clean clothes on P and put her in the car seat. But before you put her in the car seat I have to make sure she’s fed cause she will cry all the way to our destination. If Peyton is with us then making sure he has clothes on is a job as well cause he will usually throw on a tank and some shorts with his vans. Mama isn’t at all mad about the tank cause he looks F.I.N.E!

But by the time I remember everything for paighton and put her in her car seat I have about 2 minutes to get dress cause the clocks ticking. Most of the time I totally forget about makeup, but when I do remember it a little blush goes a long way. Before we even put P in the car itself we have to turn the car on and let the ac work its magic!

Doing all of this by myself when Peyton is at work is a job! Which is a reason I probably just stay home all day. Paighton has finally occupied herself in the car seat by playing with her feet! Our little girl is growing up every-single day and I’m glad I’m right her by her side to cheer her on every step of the way!

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