Living together

We get this question a lot..

“What’s the difference between dating and living together”

That question really made me think about it cause there’s a lot different. You think you know someone very well till you move in with them and you realize there’s so much more to learn.

It’s like you’re getting to know a whole different person but I must say it’s been fun!

When your dating someone you can tell them good bye and off to your house you go. Or when you get upset and need a cool down you just turn off your phone or simply just put it on silence and they can text all they want but it’s up to you if you want to read it.

Living together is like having an annoying sibling, best friend for sleepovers ever night and the love of your life all combined into one.

Do I get annoyed of Peyton at times?!?


But should I?


Living together has got to be one of the most exciting adventure we have been on, because it never stops. I’ve learned that Peyton ONLY likes hidden valley ranch and it must be in the fridge. He would rather pick grape jelly over strawberry (why on earth would anyone ever eat that). And he takes exactly 2 showers every day, one right when he wakes up and one right when he comes home.

I’ve also learned that both my P’s sleep exactly the same! And it’s honestly the cutest thing when you wake up at night and see them sleeping next to each-other just alike. Now before you question my parenting judgement, yes we have a crib for paighton but we have yet to build it for her in our new home! So right about now it’s still on the to do list!

However living together you create new habits with each other! When Peyton comes home he loves to sit on the couch with P and watches tv. Father, daughter time is very important for a girls state of mind. As their mom and wife I love seeing them together. This is Paighton’s favorite spot!!! She will sit with her daddy for a while till she gets hungry and knows daddy’s no good at that time.

While living with Peyton I’ve realized myself that I can cook! All thanks to Pinterest for all the delicious ideas I get. As a mother I’ve realized I can multi-task better than I thought!!! Imagine having a hungry baby, needing to finish cooking and still make sure the house is clean before Peyton steps foot into the house.

I swear once you become a mom it’s like your job requires you to grow 6 more arms. It’s come to the point where I have a baby on my boob, finish up my makeup and get dressed all before peyton who just needs to but on a clean shirt and pants.

I guess dads don’t get the memo of having to grow those 6 extra arms. But it would be nice if he would use the two he’s got.

(Good joke carm)

Lastly, I don’t miss just dating Peyton cause that would mean I’d still have to tell him goodnight and goodbye instead of goodnight and rolling over.

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