Change of plans

I’ve started to realize that my life as I know it wasn’t how I expected it to ever be! I remember talking to my friends last day of 8th grade and wondering who would be the girl to get pregnant in high school.

The thought was never me….

I never expected that I would of been in the group of girls senior year who ended up hiding a watermelon underneath our shirts.

But, I must say these girls are friends I’d never cross paths with if it weren’t for our beloved style in maternity wear. Now my phone gets blown up from our “baby mamas” group chat where we talk about anything from our babies sleep schedule to how we found out we were pregnant. A total moms group!

I find it oddly satisfying that the people who once looked down upon getting pregnant in high school, now want to start a family of there own.

By all means if you can wait then please do! Being a teenager raising a baby is like walking on a rope across the Grand Canyon with balancing the responsibilities of a child on one hand. And having your education weigh down on the other. I must say sometimes my child over powers my education, it’s a total balancing act for sure.

I look back a year ago and remember where I was in life. Just starting my senior year at katy and having no idea how that year would fold out! To waddling across the stage in front of thousands of people.

You were scared to trip?!

Well I was scared that my water would break just as I was shaking hands accepting my diploma holder.

I was 8 months pregnant at graduation!

Now I’m feeding a baby at 5 am and changing about 30 diapers a day. My life’s routine now revolves around paighton.

Who could ever complain about that!

I guess Thomas Rhett was speaking to me for sure when he wrote the song “life changes”. My only advice to you is go where life takes you. Sometimes we have a plan of what we want our future to unfold to be. But don’t take life for granted either, take your days as precious as your nights.

From being a mom I’ve realized already how much love a parent can have for their child. So the next time you talk to your mom or dad or who ever has raised you, tell them how much you appreciate them. Because little did we know our parents sacrificed a lot for us to have the things we do.

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