Raising P

Let me just make things clear I have no idea what I’m doing in this whole motherhood act! So someone please nominate me for the Oscar award. At this point no ones a better actor then me.

Totally joking on the last part but I’m for real on the part when I have no idea what I’m doing. My best and only advice is to take things one day at a time. And never expect to much from yourself.

Now I know what your thinking….Carm so far you have done a pretty good job raising a beautiful baby girl, and I do say so that’s true but it’s definitely hard work. However Peyton and I did get a good baby, and don’t take that as a technical term as if the baby vending machine was like

“oh skip the bad ones let’s give them a well behaved potty trained baby that doesn’t cry for any reason.”

And even thought that is some what true paighton has been the best first baby anyone could have. Ironic right, I bet some of you have those parents that say..

You’re my favorite oldest, youngest etc.

As if the youngest child could be the favorite oldest. Parents like to play games like that and we believed them.

Raising P has been a fun adventure that I would totally do over if I could! People would tell me oh thank God you didn’t have a boy first so now u won’t get peed on. Hold up let me correct you on that one! GIRLS WILL AND CAN PEE ON YOU! Don’t let anyone tell you different cause paighton just loves to pee when her diaper is full and I’m changing her. Funny thing is if I catch it early enough the pee goes all over her instead of me!

At times I think paighton is a little older then I think she is because of how advanced she’s starting to become! At 5 weeks she started to hold her head up for a longer period of time and at 6 weeks she started to roll over! Just to put some spark in the fire she starting to mimic the word,

“Uh oh”.

Have we created a little baby genius on our hands?! Maybe not! But it’s definitely an exciting moment to see your child reach a milestone! Even if it’s simply having them look at you and follow you with their eyes it’s an amazing feeling!

At paighton’s 1 month doctors appointment they told me she weighed 10lbs 2oz. I can’t speak for any other mom but for me breastfeeding has been a struggle. Keeping my supple up and making sure my daughter has enough food takes a toll on my body! So knowing that she’s gaining weight was a big accomplishment not only for her but it meant I was doing something right! It gave me a sign of relief that I wasn’t a failure as a mom.

Of course you can’t fail as a mom cause there’s no rule book to follow! So I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back cause I haven’t broken any rules yet, as if there are any.

Having your own family where you’re the mom is a feeling I wish everyone would get to experience. Seeing paighton grow everyday has been a blessing! Peyton and I are those parents who hover over our child when she does something she’s never done before. I’m usually the one to pull out my camera to record it and some how Peyton manages to get in the way right when she’s doing it!


I’m surprised there isn’t a picture of Peyton and I under the word in the dictionary for a reference.

But this over all experience of watching P grow up has been a journey! Definitely would rate it a 10/10 for the books!

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