Fleeing the nest

I guess the time has come to flee the nest. I thought that I would be over my boots excited to leave but I must say I’m actually kinda sad.

Not only am I leaving my mom but I’m leaving my 6 year old little brother. That’s something I never thought about before. And truth be told I might (or a lot) miss him.

Peyton, I and his family all made a trip to pick up some essentials for our new living space. Never had I ever imagined how much items goes into making a house a home.

So if you have been wondering why I haven’t posted a blog recently, managing moving out, school and a baby!!! Just imagine the time I have to pee, exactly I have none! September 8, 2018 is the first night in our cozy home. Truth be told it hasn’t sunk in yet that we actually moved out it quite actually feels as if we’re in a hotel right now playing house.

Oh back in those days if only I knew it would cost a butt load of Monopoly money! But hey it’s a sense of freedom with every journey we encounter. We didn’t realize how much stuff princess P actually has! If it was only peyton and I, one suitcase would fit everything we own and that move would be the easiest thing ever!

But of course we’re teen parents and nothing is ever as easy as it seems. ( Hey it’s the clique thing that most people believe.) Moving into our own little home at 19 and 18 is quite an accomplishment. For that one Peyton gets to toot all his horns as loud as he wants because most “teen” dads can’t afford that type of responsibility.

Back to the move in I must say I never thought it would be soo extremely stressful! You got parents running around telling you How to do this or that in your own dang house. Like y’all need to chill out cause the front door ain’t that far away from where you’re sitting. Fortunately my parents taught me manners and that’s something I would never dream of saying to anyone. As much as I want to just walk away I can’t let anyone run me out of my own house.

However after little by little moving things in and decorating my house how I want it! It’s starting to feel like a home! Like one you want to cuddle up on the couch drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold outside. Or the clique Twitter tweet about dancing in the kitchen to George Strait at 2 am while cookies are in the oven. But if you truly know Peyton and I the cookies in the oven won’t be homemade cause those things come out nasty every single time! So for sure they would be the pre-cut cookies.

Our little home may not be a full house (we live in a duplex) or a big one at that! But our home is made with love and is for sure a place our daughter will grow up in her first year! My mom always told me that true love grows in small places!

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