Bugs be gone

In any new place you move into there will be a few unwanted guest…or might I say pest!

It was our first night ever sleeping in our new little home! Still unpacking what’s left in my car we decided that keeping our back door open would be the easiest solution to getting in and out from unloading my car. We all know it would be a hassle to open and close the door each time we entered. Little did we know we were letting in a war zone of hungry mosquitoes.

To my disbelief our walls were covered, each corner of our home had a swarm of blood sucking demons and my first thought was..

“They cannot bite our baby”

Thank god Peyton and the guys were here cause WWIII was about to go down! Paighton and I hid in our bedroom as the guys buckled down into action. Death filled the air as one by one was killed, my sorrow was not present and no mercy was to be given.

Mosquitoes lives DON’T MATTER!

And if you may have a second opinion well I’ll gladly not care cause mosquito bites hurt and no way will I let our princess P get bit!

After we wiped our walls clean and swept up the dead little demons and oh so happily threw them in the trash where they belong. Our night was finally coming to end till, the next night we encounter a new episode of WWW four and I must say this one was much more of a hide and kill game. After putting princess P to bed we dimmed all the lights so our baby girl could stay asleep. Peyton and I finally had alone time to talk! Trust me when you have a baby and work and stuff going on you don’t care if it’s 12 am, you just want to relax and spark up a conversation to still believe you’re a little bit human. As our conversation started I noticed a moving shadow crawling up our window.

I whispered Peyton’s name as a recognition to look over. I hopped out of bed like a spring chicken and automatically grabbed Peyton’s shoe. Even though mine was closer I definitely didn’t want guts all on the bottom. Selfish move?! Maybe but I was the one to kill it! Slowly and steady I raised the shoe up, aimed and targeted! THE SHOT WAS FIRED! SMACK! And it feel to the ground, peyton grabbed his phone and swiped up the the flash light. We searched the floor and to our findings it was gone!

The hide and kill game was soo on! We searched high and low!!! Peyton dumped out our suitcase of clean clothes just to make sure it wasn’t hiding waiting to surprise me in the morning when I went to fold clothes. After a good 10 minutes of searching our search party was over. Nothing to be found with an idea that we would sleep on the couch instead. As I went to grab princess P off the bed I sat on the edge and yet again saw the shadow of terror!! This big demon was definitely out smarting us and for sure had some good hiding spaces. We didn’t think to look on the sides of our furniture but when we did bingo it was spotted!

Yet again for the second time the shoe was raised, aimed and targeted! THE SHOT WAS FIRED! SMACK! It got a second chance of life and now Peyton was mad! He started to flip the whole bed just to find that big demon! He started out first jumping on our bed to see if it would crawl out into the open. No luck! He was now determined because he had already been out smarted 2 times. He lifted our king size mattress and started to flip over the box springs, our bed was in all directions. Paighton and I were standing in a corner and it was now 1 am in the morning!

I was trying to keep my laughing down so I wouldn’t wake up P but the sight of the frustration on Peyton’s face was all because of a roach! Now this roach was massive, massive enough to where we were gonna throw in the white flag and sleep on the couch so we weren’t it’s next meal! After all the commotion and flipping our bed the roach finally appeared front and center. Probably to torment us on how we missed 2 times. With the baby in my hand and knowing how frustrated Peyton was I grabbed the shoe from his hands and headed straight for the wall where the roach propped up. Aimed and targeted for the last time! THE SHOT WAS FIRED! SMACK! To the floor the lifeless roach fell and victory had been served! The Middleton’s -1 the roach -0!!!

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