Behind bars

Don’t freak out or anything no one went to jail…

We have reached another milestone ladies (& gentleman) finally the day we all have been waiting for Princess P can sleep in her own bed! What an exciting day it is for our little one to fully stretch herself out and get all comfortable.

But I must say it was a night to remember…

Where did she sleep before?

That’s a simple question, paighton slept right beside my side of the bed in what is called a rock & play. Very convenient for us to carry around and set up anywhere! We then realized that paighton was big enough now to sleep in her big girl crib.

Your the one crying in the club right now not me. I know my baby girl is growing up.

As parents you probably think of the worst things possible or so that’s what Peyton does and he try’s to stop it before it happens. In a instant Peyton became a mover,room designer, and crime stopper all at once. We changed our whole room Floor plan at 1am! Looking back now I really question our mentality because sleep deprived is a real thing. I could rob a bank, than think I’m waking up from a nap to realize I’ve already done 10 years out of my sentence.

You never know how tired you can really be, till it’s 3am and you have a crying baby. It’s to the point where you want to cry but you have no energy left to even do so! After 4 weeks into this whole mom role I can say I’ve gained some intense skills! Does it seem impossible to change a baby without waking them up?! If your answer is yes than I must do the impossible every single night!

Before P slept in her crib she would wake up at least 2 times a night either from her diaper being wet or she was hungry. Now when she sleeps in her crib she only wakes up 1 time and that’s closer to her 6 am feeding. At first having my baby so “far away” from me was rough! Every little coo she made just woke me up every single time. I think I woke up more then she did during that first night. But I must say she looks way more relaxed in her crib than in the rock and play! She’s just like her daddy when it comes to sleep, they both like to spread out and take as much room as possible!

This is the rock and play she use to sleep in!

Now princess P sleeps in her big girl crib!!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast I just wish she would slow down. Next thing we know she’s gonna be sleeping in her big girl BED! Mama carm isn’t ready for that day just quit yet!

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