There’s always this down grading view on stay at home moms. And yes I’ll admit I was one of the judge mental percent who had this wild idea that a stay at home mom was pretty much just a vacation for a lifetime. They get to prop up their feet and watch movies all day wearing pjs in the comfort of there home environment. Who needs to leave bed and brush there hair when your gonna be covered in baby throw up anyways?!

Peyton (my fiancé) watches princess P when he comes home after work. By that time she’s usually ready to get to bed and call it a night so the job I’d say isn’t too demanding. At this point in time he’s thinking that the whole mama job isn’t that bad and he too could handle it. Peyton is a tough guy he works on cars all day. What can you say he’s got this in the bag…so I let him think.

This morning I asked Peyton to watch P as I went to brush my teeth before we left. Being a mom now means there’s little to no time for urself when your in a hurry to get out the door. I feel like I need a whole hour just to leave the house. Packing and remembering all the essential things is a chore. I finally managed to finish feeding and give her to Peyton, I think P thinks it’s a game cause everytime she’s with Peyton she poops like she hasn’t pooped in days. And what’s makes it an even better story to tell is that once he changed her diaper, as soon as he mastered the art of putting a clean one on BOOM, bombs away!!!

P only cries for 2 reasons either her diaper is dirty or she’s hungry other than that she’s a very easy going child! I come back in to what I could imagine being a calm environment was a hell storm fixing to take off someone’s roof. There she goes again crying and Peyton back at it again changing her diaper. After he was done she stopped and I applauded him on his move. With great relief he told me..

“That was my 3rd poopy diaper I had to change. If she would just tell me that she was still pooping we wouldn’t have this problem”

You can only imagine how hard I wanted to laugh but I knew if I did, it would just destroy his confidence at being a or dad if u wanted to say that.

I bit my tongue and just smiled at the fact that he was trying! a few nights before that I gave Peyton the chance to do my nighttime job. He decided to try and take on the role just to see what I have to go through. I warned him that changing a diaper half asleep is a real skill. Barely able to see what your doing because your sleepy and there’s little light to see in. Making sure she doesn’t pee on herself is a bigger deal cause than you got more problems to deal with. And lastly making sure you don’t wake up your partner is the biggest thing to try and not do.

3am rolled around real quick and this was just a diaper change and a simple feeding. I made it all easy for him I even pumped 2 oz in a bottle for him to just feed her. What I thought was gonna be a night I actually got to sleep through didn’t work out like that. P doesn’t cry very loud but my motherly instincts can sense when she is so I wake up. On the other hand Peyton would of just slept all the way till the next morning and not wake up once. Which is what he usually does, but in this case it was his turn! The hardest thing about that night was trying to wake Peyton up. Finally I just had to kick him to get up and get the baby.

Your probably thinking why couldn’t you just get up, you spent the same amount of time trying to get him up to get her she could of already had a clean diaper and been fed. Ever since I was 24 weeks pregnant I never slept through the night. It was a constant battle between having to pee and trying to find a comfortable spot! So of course I wasn’t gonna hold back my chances of actually sleeping through the night in months!!!

My whole plan was just to wake him up and go back to sleep. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I was now giving directions on what to do while I was half asleep. Finally Peyton mastered the sleepy diaper change and feeding was up next. Since I exclusively breast feed P only gets a pumped bottle when I need to leave which is never! So she’s still getting use to knowing how to eat from it. When you put it in her mouth she kinda just sits there with her mouth open wondering what to do next. After a good minute she gets the concept and it’s go time!

After that night Peyton realized that the mommy job is a demanding job. To me I think he’s got it hard going to work everyday while I get to stay home and watch her. After all the trials Peyton has officially been awarded the Mr.Mom title! And with great honor he realizes the work moms have to go through. And I think it gives him just a little more of an eye opener to what I have to do!

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