No more selfie

Before I was a mom I never cherished the little things, they never crossed my mind that one day I would deeply miss having some time for myself with out a little one attached to my boob or my arm.

When I became a mom from the start showers were no longer a therapy session where I would sing till I can’t sing no more and Taking time like simply washing my hair turned into an Olympic sport to see how fast I can accomplish everything before paighton woke up. My alone time is very minimal now and half the time I usually smell like breast milk and baby throw up! What a milf I know trust me just getting out of bed some days to brush my hair is a hassle! And my make up bag is no where to be found.

My new routine now is waking up to when ever paighton wants to eat and let me must say my daughter is like her mom, she has no problem participating in a eating contest! Even having time to write my blogs now is scarce. There’s so much to write about, but half the time now all I want to do is sleep when she sleeps. Something as simple as eating can totally pass over your head because you’re not thinking about yourself as much anymore. Which is totally not a good thing if your breastfeeding.

Paighton is starting to get into the stage where she isn’t sleeping the whole day and I must say it’s fun! But at times I’m so exhausted that I just want her to sleep so I can join her! I take naps as early as 8:30 am, If my night was long! But even though I have to wait for peyton to get home to take a shower and have 5 minutes of alone time to myself I fully enjoy those few minutes. Who would of thought that even just going to pee and not having to sprint back to my room would be a blessing.

I love mommy hood but it’s definitely taking some practice balancing my duties and my self. A very wise woman told me that

Even if your a stay at home mom you still need to have a upkeep on urself for your husband.

Trust me I’m gonna take that advise cause it’s totally true. If you feel good looking nice than your husband will enjoy it too! Yes I won’t lie I stay in my pjs all day and wear my hair in a bun half the time. Peyton doesn’t mind it at all but it’s nice to throw on some make up and look like a normal human once in awhile.

So to all those girls who have “baby fever” just know that having a baby is way harder then it looks and behind every picture is a story worth telling. However I wouldn’t trade these early morning, late night diaper changes for anything!

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