I knew from the start that I wanted to nourish our child from my own body. What I didn’t know was how horrible it hurts to the point I use to dread when it was feeding time. Every time she would latch I couldn’t help but say a few no no words because of the pain! Of course I had to suck it up and feed our child but I can honestly say breastfeeding is worst than my whole labor experience. My labor lasted less than 6 hrs but breastfeeding is till she doesn’t need me anymore.

Now I’m not trying to scare anyone away from breastfeeding. It’s a sense of accomplishment knowing that you can feed your baby. The bond you have while breastfeeding is a bond no one else can have with your child!

The first week of breastfeeding for me was a week I wish to forget. Sore nipples are a whole different pain, why?! Well they are super sensitive to everything! Your bra, t-shirt, even taking a shower was a hassle! Everytime I got into the shower not only would I leak but I’d have to cover myself because even the beads of water on my skin hurt so bad! At 2 weeks of breastfeeding I’m so grateful that I never stopped! The soreness has gonna down and a matter of a fact I’m actually breastfeeding writing this blog! It gets better after a while!

I can say that I love it because one it’s FREE! And also it’s the best thing that I can provide for our daughter! Having a big baby from the start means you need more milk! Our princess p loves to eat! And that means more time on the boob. Sometimes I wish I could just use a bottle for convenience but than I remind myself that..

“My body was made to do this”

This phrase is so important to me because I had to tell myself this during labor! For me my mind is such a powerful thing, and telling myself that phrase pushed me past my limits. Helping me accomplish my labor naturally!!!!

Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone at all. I don’t look down on anyone who couldn’t or doesn’t want to breastfeed. At the end of the day we are all mamas trying to raise our children the best that we can! I know when paighton is tired because she will keep one eye open while she’s feeding! That’s when mama comes in to rub her head and put her right to sleep! Oh but if little p isn’t fully asleep and u try to take her off my boob she will hold on to my nipple for dear life. And as soon as her eyes open so does her mouth! She’s gotten to the point where she can make up her bottom lip and soft cry. I swear it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

During our nightly feedings p likes to eat longer. Good for her but bad for me. I guess it’s harder to stay awake when her suckles are so soothing. And you have the love of your life sleeping peacefully right beside you! Sometimes our princess will start to get a little fussy when I try to latch her on. Well this should be the easy part right?! It’s the reason why babies cry ?! Yeah well paighton likes to turn her head away from my boob and gets mad at me for trying to guide her back to the right spot. Or she will cover her mouth with her hands. She’s definitely one for the books.

After all the pain you have overcome to be able to breastfeed, I can say that I love the bond I have with paighton. Even though we all know she just smells milk and knows it’s her food I’ll pretend like it’s more!

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