First night home

Now the real adventure begins because there’s no doctors or nurses I can go to and ask for medical advice. Yeah I have my mom and google of course but this is the real world now.

Our first night home was quite interesting if I do say so myself. Since the hubby has work in the morning night time duty is legit all me. Yeah of course even if he wanted to help out at night he wouldn’t be able to. God unfortunately gave men fake nipples that have no real reason to the anatomy. It’s like woman are the expensive computers with everything functional and men are the extra mouse that came with it. They are needed but to little functional purpose.

Getting into a routine was a breeze with her! Peyton gets home at 7 so that’s the time I wake her up to have some daddy time! Night time diaper changes are definitely a skill you have to learn. Being half asleep, with little light in the room and a crying baby. I can say I’ve learned to change a diaper real quick! Because one I don’t want to wake her up (if she was still sleeping) and most importantly I don’t want to wake up peyton so he gets enough sleep for work in the morning.

My night was going good for the first time being home! I thought I had everything down and was gonna accomplish the night without something going wrong. It was our first diaper change of the night, around 1 am in the morning I’m up thinking Oh it can’t be that bad just some pee, I’ll do it quick and get back to bed. God definitely had other plans for me that night. I attempted to change her diaper fast (as fast as a half asleep deprived new mom could). The ritual is always the same open the diaper check to see if the case is clear so you can attack with disaffected wipes. The “case” was clear so I proceeded with the mission till paighton decided that she wanted to send her own attack. I went to transition her into a new diaper and boom she starts to poop everywhere!!!! It got all over my leg on our bed sheets, I yelled to wake Peyton up so he could help me and the first thing he asked was “is that blood”?

New born breast feeding babies poop is a orange color that has a liquid look to it.

His reaction made everything a laughing moment, you know besides being covered in poop at 1 am in the morning! From that moment we both realized that this whole parenting journey isn’t gonna be like everyone else’s! We will have more new episodes of dirty diaper mishaps and laugh more at our mistakes! But let’s cheers to accomplishing the first night being home!

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