Happy birthday P

People always say that the best things happen when you least expect it. I guess a due date wasn’t enough to get things going.

My morning started out pretty normal, who would of thought I’d be picking out my clothes to go to the hospital that day!

If you follow my Snapchat (@carm3lita) I posted this photo that morning!

I had sat in my bed just a minute longer talking to Peyton with a realization that, that Sunday was our last Sunday before we were parents. Little did we know, it was actually our last “morning”. And as our last Sunday before we are bomb parents we wanted to take a trip to Krispy Kreme! As I started to get ready my (so I thought) “Braxton-Hicks” started up.

Already passed my due date by 2 days Peyton decided to take a precautionary choice and play the “what if game” and stay in katy. Well that “what if Game” sure had a good ending. We made our way to Peyton’s house to get him some clothes since he hadn’t fully moved in with me yet! My “Braxton-Hicks” I was having was starting to get reasonable noticeable. Obviously they weren’t painful cause I concurred a natural birth but noticeable to the point I couldn’t sit in a chair to eat my breakfast.

Our friends arrived at his house and the decision as to where to eat was the question of the hour. Out of the blue my offer was whataburger. A number 14 with gravy and a water, how could you go wrong with that?! Funny thing is I kept telling Peyton that if I go into labor that’s what I want to eat before we head to the hospital. (You may or may not know this but once you get admitted for labor you can’t eat anything but ice chips, just imagine the eye roll 🙄)

As if I would know when I’m in labor and he would have enough time to sit in that long line for a meal. While Peyton and our friends were compromising on where to eat (what felt like 10 minutes later) I would find myself hiding in the laundry room trying to concentrate and figure out why these pains just kept getting stronger. (Duh you were in early labor and you had no idea). Our food place was finally settled and I got my whataburger. But don’t think it was that easy we had to make a compromise and make a stop at tacos la balas (the place next to fiesta, Peyton loves the food).

I remember walking out to his truck and in the middle of the parking lot a real contraction hit me to the point I had to stop. Oh Peyton won’t admit it but I bet he was freaking out a little cause there was no way I was gonna run and try to dodge a car if it were to come down the parking lot. Successfully the mission had been accomplished and I found myself eating my last meal that I wanted. The contractions were now 6 minutes apart getting closer and That’s when I called my mom to help me make my decision as whether or not I should just go to the hospital.

****Go grab your snacks here if you haven’t already cause this is where the fun part begins!!!

I waddled my 40 weeks and 2 days over due, eviction noticed, count down finished “big belly” (that’s what Aiden my little brother called me) into the labor and delivery area and pressed the button to get through the door.

“Hello how can we help you”

I felt like they kinda wouldn’t believe me when I said I thought I was in labor. Honestly I thought I’d just be sent home cause they weren’t real contractions, or that they would tell me to come back in a few hours to get checked again.

“Hi I just came to check and see if I was in labor”

I arrived at 2:30 ish and my contractions were 4 minutes apart and I was 3 1/2 centimeters dilated. Usually you have to be over a 4 to be admitted but in my case my doctor just decided that he would let me stay. It came down to the point whether I chose to go home and labor till I was in active labor or wait and try to get things moving along.

I’m so glad that I trusted my instincts and decided to just stay. Because my labor went by so fast and so unexpected that I probably would of had her at my house. The whole labor process finally began and truth be told I don’t think Peyton nor I were actually ready. I remember just looked over at Peyton and having the realization that we would be meeting our daughter soon. With a first time mom the labor process always takes longer than others. I did so much research about labor that I was expecting my labor to be over 10 hrs.

I knew that gravity was definitely gonna be my best friend at this point and sitting in a bed wasn’t gonna help bring her down. So while I was having contractions best believe your girl was walking around the labor and delivery floor. I legit had a whole group with me talking to me and keeping my mind off of the discomfort I was feeling.

I was truly blessed with a wonderfully family that came together to support Peyton and I on the hardest journey we ever had to take. After what felt like 2 hours of walking (which was only 1 hr) and wondering how beautiful she will be the nurse checked my cervix for the second time. I was already 5 centimeters which meant I was half way!!! The excitement started to become more intense and our families were showing up one by one! I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was having a contraction in the middle of this picture. Anyways my contractions started to get up on the level of needing to breath through them and I had asked my wonderful nurses if they could move me into a bigger room. When I first got into the hospital the nurse told me to choose a room and I chose the first one I saw. Little to my knowledge I chose the SMALLEST ROOM they had. So ironic cause I’m claustrophobic and we have a huge family. So a small room, me being in pain and not being able to move around my room was definitely a problem.

After about what felt like the longest 20 minutes we finally were transferred into a huge room that I was sooo much more comfortable in.

Throughout my entire labor so far I was standing up and dancing.


Yes you totally read that right. Peyton and I slow danced for a good hour to our future wedding song. https://youtu.be/o_bIMTtl8X8

There’s just something about this song and being close to Peyton that really calmed me down. Contractions are on a scale that goes all the way up to 100, and while I was dancing my contractions were going pass 100 and I was still able to relax and talk through them. I must say I was real emotional though because I did start crying when we were listening to our wedding song. During each contraction peyton would hold me close and remind me that each contraction was closer to our beautiful daughter. I just remember listening to each song and getting my mind off of the discomfort I was feeling. These were our last moments together with just the two of us. I couldn’t image laboring natural without him by my side. Our connection between us is way stronger than I think we both could ever imagine.

Just a little over an hour later my wonderful nurse came in to check my cervix. Let me remind you that just over a hour ago it was at a 5. Thinking that I had more time to go I wasn’t expecting what was told to me.

“You’re at 8 1/2 cm it’s time to call the doctor in to break your water bag.”

My stomach felt like it was in my throat, because my nurse later than explained to me that the pain was really gonna hit center court and have a world wind of change coming. I started to cry out of fear and excitement, fear being that the pain was 100 times worst than what I was experiencing and excitement because it was even closer to meeting our princess P.

Breaking my water bag didn’t hurt at all. Actually I didn’t even feel anything till I was laying in warm water. These next contractions I had were the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. The first contraction hit me and I wanted to jump out my bed so fast to try and relieve the pain but I couldn’t because it was a health risk to the baby. I kept asking if I could get in all fours to take the pressure and pain off my back. There’s was nothing I could do but fight through each one, when a contraction came I remember looking up at the ceiling and counting. Did that help?! Probably not but I had to get my mind off of the pain and focus on my breathing.

Both my mom and Peyton were by my side through it all. I couldn’t image what they were experiencing because they just had to watch me be in pain. If anyone knows my mom she’s a strong woman who can put fear into anyone.

Oh yes labor doesn’t look good on anyone so I definitely wasn’t thinking my labor pictures would be cute and all. But for sure I knew they would be filled with emotion and tell a story in each picture. My last four contractions were the worst! They covered my body every minute and never for that whole minute gave me relief. All I had done was scream Peyton’s name because he was my safe place, unfortunately he wasn’t able to ease my pain but just be right by my side. I knew Peyton was scared cause he’s never seen anyone give birth but for sure he’s never seen me in so much pain.

I’ll admit it these contractions made me cry out, I never cursed Peyton out or felt like I hated him at any point. In fact through these contractions I was yelling out..

“I love you so much”

My mom always said that the strongest thing a woman can do out of love would be the have a baby for a man. And honestly I totally get what she meant now because I felt the pain of labor.

Anyways back to the important stuff…after my doctor broke my water bag before he left he said,

“If she feels like she has to push come get me”

On my life as soon as my doctor left my room I screamed

“I have to push”

I just remember looking at my mom as she was telling me in the most calmest way possible at that moment,

“You can’t push it’s not time yet”

Oh mama yes it was!!! Peyton said his mom ran out the room and got my doctor. Before I knew it my room was filled with blue scrubs and it was go time! Now I know when I tell you this next part you won’t believe me and honestly I can’t believe it happened either.

So here goes the final step before meeting our beautiful princess P. My doctor got his gown on and was ready for me to get into the pushing position. Once I was laying down with my legs up I felt NO PAIN! I had actually asked my doctor if I was pooping cause the feeling was just that, luckily I wasn’t. My doctor gave me instructions as to when I should push, he said when you feel your next contraction take a deep breath like your about to go under water and push the hardest you have ever pushed before. The only problem I had was I couldn’t feel my contractions anymore. I kept having to say,

“Tell me when to push, am I having a contraction?!

I had to push 6 times till she was born. Through my whole journey of pregnancy everyone warned me of the ring of fire. Now this is when the baby’s head is about to come out your birth canal (vagina) and your skin is at its limits of stretching. I never felt this pain like everyone had described to me. When I was pushing I felt a little burning sensation but I knew I had to push past the burn to get to our daughter.

I didn’t feel any pain what so ever that I was so focused on my breathing. Peyton said it looked like I was high on drugs, I can say that in between each push I just stayed focused on my main goal. Which was to see our beautiful baby girl.

Finally, I remember the doctor saying..

“Alright make this next push your last, give it all you got”

And that’s exactly what I did!!!!!! On July 29th at 9:18 we welcomed our beautiful princess P! 8lbs and 4 oz!!! Yes I pushed a 8lb baby out all natural, this was definitely the best and most memorable day of my life! When they put paighton on my chest I just began crying! Our daughter was finally here and our adventure as parents had just began!

Peyton was blessed to be able to cut our daughters umbilical cord and get that sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to do it! It was definitely a daddy’s job.

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