Due date

After many nights,days,weeks and months of crossing off the calendar and having a count down on my phone I’m still pregnant. Who would of thought that I would be the one to make it to 40 weeks of pregnancy. After all that has happen I thought she would of been in my arms already! I thought that the late nights I have would be because I needed to get up and breast feed or change her diaper and set her back in her crib. I thought that my days would be filled with a 5 year old running around the house and a baby attached to my hip every where I go. (I watch my little brother during the day).

Yet here we all are in the most unexpected situation no one would of thought would happen.

Please let’s take a moment to just give myself around of applause because I have defined the odds!

If you keep up with my blogs from the very beginning you would know that I’ve been into preterm labor 2 times! My doctor didn’t even think I would make it to 37 weeks and look who’s breaking the record and grabbing that 40 weeks flag! It’s super frustrating because I want to meet our daughter so bad. And I know you do too!

Our baby bag as been packed since I was 34 weeks pregnant and just been sitting by our front door till the big moment!


Alright I had my moment, thank you for taking a ticket to watch my meltdown! Even though it wasn’t in person but you totally get what I mean. I know your very on edge now (literally on the tip of your seat waiting for a baby picture.) yes I know you feel like a stalker right about now?! And you probably already have my username embedded in your history because of how many times you have checked my profile. Trust me I’m flattered because your just as excited to see our daughter as we are.

The 40 week life should come with a Manuel, but of course motherhood is a trial and era experience. Your everyday task seem to become just a little more uncomfortable by the minute. I’ll let you on a little secret YOUR BELLY NEVER STOPS GROWING! Don’t let people fool you when they say once you reach 38 weeks that’s how big you will be. That’s a huge joke cause my super cute mom shorts I bought 2 WEEKS ago, won’t fit around my waist.

How can your belly stop growing when your baby doesn’t?! That just makes no logical sense to me. It’s like saying if you keep filling up a water balloon it will just get to its max size and the water will just keep collecting. Noooo ma’am (or sir) eventually that balloon will pop!!!! Much like humans your belly can only stretch so far. In my last weeks of pregnancy I’ve been welcomed with more stretch marks everyday! Thankfully none on my belly but in a bikini next summer they will show!

As the count down has come to an end, I’m kinda at ease but at the same time frustrated because she should already be here. I know with time she will make her appearance or the doctors will do that for her. Till either she comes naturally or my induction date,I’ll just be a happy camper watching my Netflix and enjoying the time I have left with myself. Cause after she comes it’s no longer Peyton and Carmelita! It’s gonna be all about Princess P 👑

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