The eviction notice

So let’s just say the doctors appointment I had today kinda put me at easy on this whole situation. After the fact I had to wait a whole 2 hours to see my doctor. Just imagine how uncomfortable it feels to be half naked and the only thing covering you for the exposure of the world is a paper cloth. The nurse makes her appearance for the normal check up she does. Checks my weight, I nearly break the scale and my blood pressure shows I’m still alive. Than she pops her head back in and apologizes that the wait to see my doctor is gonna be longer because some one just decided they wanted to have a baby when my appointment is going on.

Maybe that sounded selfish but I’m just ready to know how many centimeters I’m dilated and get on with my day.

“2 cm dilated and still 60 % effaced. Let’s schedule an induction date”

oh you have got to be kidding me!!!! Only 1 cm more than last week?! That was a whole 7 days ago! Come on child get out of my uterus one way or another! The bright side to this whole waiting process is that my induction date is August 1st. I will be a whole 40 weeks and 5 days. I guess it’s put my mind at ease that she will be here on August 2nd but at the same time I’m kinda nervous?! Why would I be nervous when I finally know what day she’s coming?! Welllll lets just say when your body is induced it makes the contractions a lot worst. And for a person who’s trying to go natural just knowing that the pain I’m gonna be worst than if you went into normal labor is just a joy to hear.

Let me break this whole process down for you cause I know people my age don’t just research the whole pregnancy world. So I’ll go into the hospital at 9 pm do some paper work and get settled into my labor room. They will insert ivs and other medical stuff that honestly I myself have no idea about. What I do know is that the drug to kick start this whole fiesta is called oxytocin or pitocin. No I’m not making this up I’m for-real!

As you can see it speeds up labor and what not. Once I’m on that medication it’s go time. No one knows how long I’ll be in labor for or how intense my contractions are expected to be. All I know is that on August 2nd is definitely her eviction notice being pushed into action. Now even though my due date is just 2 days away (7/27/18) I can still go into labor on my own before my induction date. Am I hoping that We meet this little one before yes everyone is! Even you are waiting to see a picture, she will come when she’s ready. I definitely didn’t write that while rolling my eyes in the despair that she has tried to come into this world 2 times already when she wasn’t suppose to. But for now peyton and I will just count down the days till our beautiful princess P arrives.

I’ll continue to walk,squat, bounce on a exercise ball and drink raspberry tea just to try and bring her faster. But at least we all have a end date as to when our daughter will enter the world.

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