Let’s move along

At this point I feel like I’ve given up on labor. Why do I say this?! Well let’s face it my due date is Friday (7/27/18) and yet the pains of my early labor haven’t progressed enough to settle into active labor where I can be admitted into the hospital. Oh what a wonderful time it will be to know that I’m actually in labor and can meet our princess P soon.

The other night I must say was a real roller coaster for the books. It started out normal and by 4:45pm hit the back pain did too! Labor?!?? Yesss finally I can be done with this whole pregnancy thing and wear my normal clothes. Oh slow your roll down Carmelita..we all know you can’t fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans anymore, Cause these hips don’t lie! But back to the fact that I had this nagging back pain to the point I was trying everything to ease up. Bouncing on an exercise ball, yes imagine a 9 month pregnant person doing that!!! The sight is actually quite funny.

Not even gonna lie it helped ease the pressure but the pain was getting worst. Labor, labor, labor!!!!! Yeah right! The signs were present but 6 am hit and poof. It was like God calmed the sea of death and made everything filled with rainbows and sunshine. Funny how you want the rain and it doesn’t come but when you pray for sunshine you get a whole hurricane Harvey. The point I’m making is just a few more hours of this unspeakable pain and I would of went to the hospital. There’s no telling if they were to keep me but it’s the point to where I’m in pain that means her birthday is getting closer.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I might but be induced like all my other friends and even though I wanted to experience the whole start of labor on my own without medical attention to activate it, that dream seems like it’s never gonna come! Y’all remember reading my past blogs about how she wanted to make her appearance at 29 weeks and 33 weeks. Like come on little girl, the eviction notice has been up for 2 weeks now and I’m being nice. But when you read on the baby app that your not so little princess P is about the size of a mini watermelon that kinda starts to freak you out a bit!

Who knows maybe after I publish this post she might hit me with some facts and start labor “again” for the final time. Lord knows that this child is as stubborn as me and all I can say is..

“Good luck peyton 👍🏽”

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