Different look

No one really knows how you feel when you’re the one in the spot light. It’s like you have to entertain the world for their pleasure and honestly I feel like I just write about everything to get my mind cleared and for me to understand my own thoughts more clearly.

As I sit on my couch with my own personal fan (in these last few weeks I’ve been getting hot flashes…feel old yet carm??) I’m getting scared of what the future holds. Why now would I start to get cold feet when any day now I can pop out a human?! Anyone could be in my shoes, we all have sex, we just happen to have a blessing as well! In my thoughts I see this whole journey as a task I have to accomplish to prove to myself that I can define the odds of society.

Every night is just the same as the last one. Will this be the night?? Will I finally be able to meet our princess P? And like every night so far I wake up the next day as I did the last. Thank God for another day to wake up to and be around the ones I love. The other day I read a quote on Twitter, and it really hit me hard.

If you went to bed and woke up the next day how much would you have that you prayed for and thanked God last night.

Some of you may not know who God is or some of you might not believe in him. But personally I do because life it self is a miracle. We all get so caught up in our lives that we forget to sit back and smell the roses. We forget to be thankful for the meal we just ate or the water we just drank. I bet if someone asked you where you got your water to drink you would probably say a grocery store, a water bottle, or the sink (am I right?). But what people now a days tend to forget is that not everyone has the same luxury as the person next to you.

We as man kind have to face the fact that everyone has their own problems they face day to day, and you can meet people and never know what they have to over come. My point is man kind is 1, it’s not a specified race or part of the country. It doesn’t care how much money you have or where you came from. It’s about everyone being equal and spreading the love.

I’m gonna be real with you I have no idea why I even started writing that ^^^ but I did so I’m just gonna leave it. It’s definitely not what I wanted this blog to be about but it was a calling and I answered.

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