“Only in the movies”

Almost 2 years with Peyton and I can say I’ve had some pretty embarrassing moments. That you would think only happened in the movies. I’ll catch y’all up on the first time me and Peyton ever hung out. So if y’all didn’t know a little thing about me is I raised pigs throughout high school. So I can must say we spent a lot of time at the barn. What guy would love to be around a girl and her pig?! I guess him cause he is amazing 💛 this is my last and the worlds best pig!!!!! Talladega was definitely my prize!!

I remember the first time Peyton came to the Ffa barns because it’s where the train of embarrassing moments began. Now at any barn you go to flies are everywhere! And what’s the solution fly traps?! You know those sticky tape strips hanging on stalls, well that’s where it began. In every first relationship the beginning is always filled with excitement and the nerves over come at times because your trying so hard to impress someone.

Those blue eyes and that smooth talking had started, And let me say I was lost in his presence. My nerves started to cloud my head and I was trying to smoothly back up against the stall to just stand. You know in the movies it happens so smoothly nothing can not make that moment horrible. Well for me it was definitely a moment…I had backed up into the FLY TRAP!!! Can you believe it, my hair and t-shirt was stuck on this sticky tape full of flies in front of the guy I’m falling in love with.

I never thought I would be able to live up that moment till now…almost 2 years later and it caught up to me. A late night Walmart run turned into a moment of laughter. Being 9 months pregnant you legit have to pee every where you go. So of course before our shopping starts I had to release the river and feel somewhat at ease. I always check myself before I leave the bathroom, you know just to make sure I look good for my man…yeah well this was definitely a walk of a life time out the bathroom when a piece of toilet paper was attached to my shoe!!!! All I wanted to do was run back into the bathroom and flush myself down the toilet to not live this embarrassing moment any longer.

All I could do was just laugh when Peyton said “I thought that only happened in the movies”. I swear my man is the best when it comes to making me feel better! Little moments like these just make me so grateful for Gods creation of man kind because Peyton is one hell of a man!

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