This journey.

I know everyone’s checking my Instagram, Twitter and waiting for a pop up picture of miss. Princess P to arrive. You and I both honey! It’s like I’m on a never ending rollercoaster. When will she come?! Are these pains contractions or just another gas bubble little miss has. No one told me that your last weeks of pregnancy is the WORST! Why?? Well let me just tell you so someone informs you.

My due date is next week, can you believe it any day now I can go into labor. I swear I’ve tried almost every remedy in the book and tonight peyton and I are gonna try lemon drop “inducing” cupcakes. Sounds fancy but I hope something works. Although I love feeling our baby girl kick and move around I’m so ready for her to be in my arms. Who cares about the rest less nights I already have that when you have to pee ever 30 minutes. And no joke I’m for real about having to pee every 30 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen I have earned my stripes! Stripes?! What are you talking about carm? You ain’t a zebra? Haha well my hips and the top of my thighs have become to look like one. I must say I’m gonna love my mom bod for sure! I started out with a life time membership of the itty bitty titty committee but I must say I’ve given my notice to decline my status and move up in the world! Thank you milk production! The whole slim thick yeah I’m excited about that too!!! Cause when it’s time for a watermelon to come out of a water hose your hips are gonna spread out a little to make some room. Yet again I’m not complaining cause now I just got a little extra to hold on too and might I say Peyton doesn’t mind at all!

I’m extremely proud of my mom bod! I got some curves to embrace now, I don’t eat McDonald’s but I’m sure lovin it (my body of course). But as time ticks I’m just ready. Today (7/16/18) I got up like every other morning and a burst of morning sickness came over me. The first trimester was repaying a visit before I’m done. My stress level has started to gain on me in these last few days. While everyone is getting ready to go away to college I’m still over here wondering what program I can start so that I’m able to go to school and still watch our child.

No ever tells you how difficult it will be once you have to become an adult. Don’t get me wrong everyone moving out on their own, they have lots of responsibilities as well but just imagine having a baby in the mix. It’s a challenge that has blindsided me. Yes I’m ready to have a baby and to start my family. But there’s so much extra steps I have to take now just to make sure my family is set and that our daughter has the best future she could ever ask for. Everyone has to remember that our children (and future children) didn’t pick us as parents so no matter what our age is we have to make sure we give them the best life that we can provide.

So go ahead keep checking my social media cause I will definitely make sure to post somewhere that I’m in labor (if I remember too and I’m not in too much pain in the beginning). I just ask that everyone keeps our princess P and I in your prayers! Labor is a miracle but anything can happen. I appreciate everyone who has been on this journey with me and to everyone who’s supported me by reading my blogs.

In the future I have some great accomplishments and new ideas for my blog! If anyone of y’all have some ideas you would like for me to write more about than please feel free to dm me or message me. I would love to hear for y’all! Can’t wait for what the future holds! And y’all keep a look out for princess Ps first picture!!!! We are about to make some history! 💛💛

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