The last of it

I can’t believe that today (7/9/18) was my last ultrasound of our beautiful princess P. Or so I’m thinking till she decides that she already tried to make a spontaneous entrance 2 tries already and no one let her shine. You are so right baby girl we shut that production down.

Lights, camera and no action here.

When this child ever decides to come out she’s definitely gonna give this world a run for its money. Donald trump really thinks he’s in charge of this country. That’s funny cause lil P about to make some new rules in this White House we live in.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of seeing our baby so big and ready to concur what life outside of the womb has to offer. From a small little grain of rice to a full grown baby, it’s amazing! Today I got to experience her looking around and sticking out her tongue. Peyton says she gets that from me cause I like to act silly all the time. But we all know it’s just a natural response she’s learning, so shhh don’t tell him that.

Even though Peyton can’t come to every ultrasound he’s still super involved with everything! I can definitely say I’m a lucky girl to have such a wonderful person to be my life partner.

But anyways enough with the mushy stuff, I know we are all ready to meet this child who is gonna give us a run for our money.

I feel like I have tried everything in the books to speed up this process and induce my labor. Some say eat spicy foods…some people say that eating spicy foods will cause contractions by stimulating the digestive system. I’ve eaten some spicy peppers and the only thing that happened was I burned my mouth.

Walk,walk, walk. This is suppose to bring the baby down into positive,gravity is your friend they say. okay so peyton and I have done this and all it does is make my thighs rub (I’ve never had that happened before and omg I no longer want these thunder thighs I have.).

Bounce on a exercise ball and the baby will move lower into your pelvis. Well the last time the doctor checked she was ready to go but little miss. Princess here doesn’t want to come out now.

Don’t even get me started on the whole “walk up and down the stairs” it sounds dumb at first but it’s suppose to open your Pelvis up more for the baby. The only thing it did was get me winded and ready for a nap.

Lastly the reason that granted me into mother hood is sex. Hold up this got rated R real quick but trust me we all do it whether you tell your parents or not. Sex is suppose to induce you, because….

And anyone in our older generations will tell you it works. (FYI it’s not uncomfortable with a big belly)

However I’ve come to the conclusion that our little princess P will make her arrival when ever she wants to because she’s just gonna make everyone wait since we made her wait two times already! Trust me when that day comes and it’s all done you will have an amazing blog to read!!! No details left out. But for now you will just have to satisfy with these last few ultrasound pictures of our Paighton Renee-rose💕 aka Princess P 👑.

With that I’ll just throw in a little bump update on how big I am! This picture was taken 2 weeks ago so enjoy!

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