Let’s go “active”

I never thought this month would come honestly. Yeah okay it has to come but in reality it took so long to get here. In no means am I trying to rush summer but come on we all want to see princess P. She’s about to break the internet with her new born pictures. Best believe I’ll be post so much for you guys!!!

Never did I realize that pain will be in the mist of all the excitement. You see in movies where the lady’s water breaks and she all of a sudden starts with the contractions and then the baby is born. That’s funny cause not everyone’s water breaks, the contractions will start first in most cases. For me the pain has begun!!! Am I excited to see our princess P..who isn’t?! July 1st came time to scratch it off the calendar and the little back pressure made its well being known. July 2nd came around and yet again sleep was out of the question. Walking around the house and timing my contractions was out of the fun zone for me. Day 3 of being in pain was definitely not a breeze either. I was sleep deprived and hungry, we all know that combination doesn’t make someone the nicest. Thank God I was blessed with a good man because for hours till I feel sleep he rubbed my back and reassured me that I was strong enough to get through this pain I’ve never experienced before. The early stage of labor can be the longest part out of the whole thing. Some people are in labor for days or weeks and there’s nothing you can do about it. With finally having the strength to over come my pain we made it to the Er. Of course no baby YET!! Being in pain for almost 5 days now isn’t something I imagined I would be able to do. It’s not a constant pain, it’s more like sharp pains down your back and contracting your uterus to feel like super bad period cramps. The doctors made it clear that the pain I’m in won’t compare to the pain I’ll be in when I’m in the “active labor” stage. I’m so ready for this adventure to be over that peyton and I walked up and down stairs, around my street, and even bounced on a exercise ball. So far nothing is putting us into the “active” stage. I’m tired and nauseous with pain I’m ready to push her out!!!!

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