As I thought my last few week(s) of being pregnant would be a breeze since I thought I already had to worst of it. That statement came right back to me and made me regret even thinking about it. (Great)

What could possibly happen when I thought Mother Nature already convinced me that pregnancy wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Cause girl (boy) did I go through hell and back for our daughter these past 9 months. If anyone wants to try to say a mother’s love isn’t the strongest than y’all put a life like mini watermelon in your uterus and try to survive the last few days. I feel like I should have my own show called “pregnant and afraid”. But yeah blah blah blah it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me I wish I could do it alllll over again. <<<yeah no ones saying that clique stuff right about now.

Personally my “thing” is James Avery rings, yes like every basic girl (with taste) I am obsessed with James Avery! I have 6 rings and a James Avery necklace that I wore every single day! I never took them off at all! They were apart of who I am, till pregnancy decided that I needed to get a new fashion advice. Of course I tried to hold off as long as I could with this new “look” but it guess you Could say it was just “hyping” me up! Literally!

I knew that once you get to the point where your ready to push this watermelon out of a hose pipe you would start to experience some interesting changes to your body! (Oh like i haven’t already these past 9 months.) I can’t even see my feet when I stand up and my belly is so huge she sits in my lap. There’s no way she’s coming out a 5 lb baby I’m guessing a solid 7 lbs 6 oz! I got me a big girl and I love that!!! But I have definitely noticed that my life obsession was getting to the point where they were tight, and I’m not talking about my budget.

One by one I bathed each ring with lotion to help lubricate it to slide off my sausage feeling “fingers”. I thought your feet were supposedly the only thing that retains water but oh no sweetie, surprise, surprise my face and hands are starting to become a wonderful floating device (even more). Forget the pool noodles I’m 100 percent I can float perfectly fine now! But on a real note my hands started to retain so much water that I can’t wear any of my rings! No James Avery, and the worst part about it all is I can’t even wear my new engagement ring! That’s a real bummer!

After reading every google article you can think of my thoughts about my sausage fingers still remain the same. Questionable…..

There’s so many reasons behind this floatation device stage I can’t even keep up with the causes and how to solve it. Drink more than 8 cups of water, um yess google I drink about a gallon a day probably more than that. Keep your swollen areas elevated, so your saying I have to keep my hands up at all times; yup I’m definitely not gonna look like a dork. And lastly my favorite if you haven’t already started to experience the swelling. It will most likely occur in your legs, arms, feet and face. Someone should of just staples a huge welcome to pregnancy over the worst symptoms in the world that you can’t control!

You know those commercials for medication at the end they always speed up on the side effects for you. I feel like that’s how these last 9 months have been. Ohh it’s the best experience of your life, feeling your baby move is wonderful..till she kicks you under your rib

However with my balloon hands I’m gonna embrace the last moments of being pregnant, lol what am I thinking I’m so ready to be done!!! To be able to fit in my old clothes; to see my FEET again while standing up! That’s gonna be a blessed day!!! But all in all this is just another journey through motherhood and girl (boy) am I’m proud to earn my tiger stripes and retain a little water for our princess P.

Which much love and appreciation thank you for reading my journey💛 love mama carm!

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