Summer season

The days are longer and the nights are where all the magic comes to life. I crossed the 36 week mark and to know princess P will be here in no time legit makes water works! It’s like I have my own personal sprinkler machine built right into my eyeballs. I’m usually not a sensitive person at all but I swear this pregnancy has a button it lovesss to push to make Niagara Falls spill profusely out my eyes.

After many melt downs and picking myself back up just to fall into a emotional rollercoaster I realized that the countdown is in the tenths. What will she look like?!?? I feel like she won’t look like anything we have imagined before! Most definitely she will have curly hair like her mama cause it’s a dominate gene! But her eye color still gets us clueless on what they will be! Many people say that brown eyes are dominant. But some studies show that if one parent has blue eyes and the other has brown it’s a 50/50 chance.

We could sit here all day and wonder what she will look like till we turn blue in the face but we all won’t know till the day she is born!!! With my last weeks counting down my eating has gotten out of control!!!! Before my pregnancy I could drink a few bottle of water a day, skip breakfast, eat lunch than not even be hungry for dinner. My life revolved around 1 meal a day, yet again I was always super busy riding my horses and just living life.

Now my friends, it’s completely different. I can’t stay full with this child and honestly I don’t want to just stuff my face all the time cause the baby won’t weigh 50 lbs when she comes out. So losing it all after will be a challenge. I know some people think that when they get pregnant the whole eating for two just goes straight to the stomach and not the brain. Yes you are eating for two but that doesn’t mean you eat 2 whole plates just cause you have an excuse now. I find myself waking up at 1 in the morning craving sweets sooooo bad!!!!

Wanting to eat waffles to satisfy this monster inside of me. Now I’m definitely not calling my child a monster but this whole cravings deal is something I honestly hate!!! Like why does sitting in a certain seat make me what a certain food, the worst are pop up cravings! They drill you till you can’t take it no more and by the time you get it the craving doesn’t taste half as good as you had expected in your head. Once you satisfy one craving another one just invites itself into your mind and just gets to work.

Everyone always expects pregnant woman to have these crazy outrageous pairing of foods that they love. For example I alwayssss have family members ask..

So are you craving anything like pickles and cheese? Or sour cream and ice cream.

I’m so sorry but we are still humans and my taste buds don’t want to die with your concoctions. My cravings are simple actually, they aren’t completely out of range from my normal flavors that I loved. At the beginning of my pregnancy I loved cheese! Anything with cheese in it was heavily. This one is kinda a weird one cause I never use to like cheese before my pregnancy. I’m not talking about the stick cheese or the block of cheese. I’m talking about Melted cheese, cheese flavoring anything that had that tang to it.

Now at my last trimester my cravings did a flip and I have no idea if it’s for the good. My cravings are all bent out of shape with wanting to devour anything that tasted like a cookie, looked like cake or even has the sweetest of smell to it! Don’t think I’m crazy when I say this but the best and cheapest cookies are from subway. I know I had mentioned them in my other blogs but I’m seriously surprised by each bite I taste! Three cookies for a dollar and some change like thank you to who ever invented that!!!!!

Staying healthy for my daughter is a must!! Being pregnant during the summer, especially this Texas weather has got to be the worst mistake of my life. Going outside makes me feel like I’m cooking my child and don’t even think about stepping outside during the evening. I’m like a four course meal to those little blood sucking daemons. Now a-days mosquitoes have so many combinations of diseases I can’t risk getting bite. My summer vacation has definitely been one to learn from!!! The next time I have a bun in the oven I’m definitely gonna plan it so that I’m the most comfortable during that season.

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