One love ๐Ÿ’›

When you have stretch marks and your hormones are out the roof keeping your relationship at tip top shape isn’t always a breeze. I tend to sometimes get a attitude when I’m driving because I’m nauseous, and guess who’s always the one to receive the punches?!?


Lord knows that he’s such a strong yet gentle man to be able to handle me and this roller coaster of emotions I’ve been going through. A round of applause really needs to go out to him because he’s been doing everything right!(so if y’all want to spam his social media with great comments on how good of a father he will be please do so). Anyways like I was saying when your almost 9 months pregnant and ready to push a human out your birth canal without medications you don’t always feel your best.

I know at times I feel like I’m stuck in a ocean filled with jello. How awesome would that be?! But in reality it feels like you can’t physically do anything because you have restraints… let me just address the mini elephant in the room. It’s the 35 lb baby weight that’s attached to your spine and filling up your uterus. I don’t even have enough energy or even want to think about putting on makeup anymore! Natural beauty is where it’s at when all you do half the day is sleep and watch a 5 year old.

But today (6-25-18) was definitely a day I needed. From the stress of getting our room completely ready for 2 more people to move in and adjusting to make room for both of my p’s clothes is a puzzle piece when you hate puzzles. I got a break! I got a break from feeling pregnant (yes that can happen, you just forget your pregnant) from the responsibility of trying to find the perfect pediatrician and signing up for college.

Peyton and I had a perfect date night without even going anywhere. It all started like this… like almost every night I have a craving for sweets! And thankfully at Peyton’s house they always have blue bell homemade vanilla in the freezer during summer. So of course that’s my first choice! Forget the ice cream sandwiches I want the good stuff! In like every relationship the guy will always choose a different flavor just because they can (I guess). Cookie two step is his go to choice, don’t get me wrong it’s great but with my changing taste buds sometimes it taste weird cause there’s so many flavors in one.

Peyton is such a goof ball he didn’t even bother to put the rest of the ice cream in a bowl, instead he just grabbed a spoon and went to town. Unlike me I can’t do that! I like to take my portion out the carton bowl just so I don’t over load on the sugar. To my likings I asked for both, and what I got wasn’t what I was expecting. Peyton was sweet enough to give me a few scoops of his ice cream! Oh what a true gentleman!

But……the two flavors ended up touching, a lot of people don’t know this about me but I don’t like it when certain foods touch. Why? You ask..well I think it changes the way it’s suppose to taste. Same reason why I only drink water with meals cause if I drink anything else I won’t actually get what my foods supposed to taste like. As we were devouring our sugar high I couldn’t help laughing so much!!! I definitely had the giggles tonight because everything peyton said I made into a joke.

Memory lane hit us both on the way home and got us thinking about how we meet and how we have come so far in our relationship. I just remember over 3 years ago I was so heart broken I never thought I would ever meet a guy that I could love again. To Peyton, I found parts of him he never know existed. And in him I found a love I no longer believed was real!

On the way home we discussed how we both didn’t think we would have a chance with either one. Turns out he was too nervous to talk to me and I was way to nervous that he had a girlfriend, that I gave up trying. What was suppose to be a 5 minute conversation before I went side my house turned into a 45 minute deep revealing that we were both head over boots in love already when we first met (love at first sight definitely exists). You know the feeling you get when you first meet that person you really like, your stomach starts to get all fuzzy and Your hands never wants to let go of their’s.

That’s true love!!

I’ve never experienced a true love for a guy till I met Peyton! The way his hands fits perfectly over mine and how we (he) finish each-others (mostly mine) sandwiches. If I told you every single reason why I love him, well you would fall in love with him too! He’s definitely one of a kind, I wish every girl in the world could have the blessing of having a man like him. I swear this world would be a better place because if momma ain’t happy no bodies happy!

For the record I’m glad I’m on this journey with him. Through the ups and downs he’s been holding my hand along the way. I find it hilarious because he’s such a great fiancรฉ and best friend all in one. At times when I get upset at something so little that he’s has done I’ll simple say “go to best friend mode cause I’m about to rant about something you did”.

Everyone’s relationship works differently and this is just how ours works. Don’t let anyone fool you NO ONES relationship is perfect. Everyone once in a while has disagreements. Sometimes people disagree more than others but that’s there relationship. I thank God every-night that he saved the perfect man for me. If I stole someone else’s true love than I’m sorry cause he’s mine๐Ÿ’›.

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