Money well spent

Marking another day off the calendar is probably the best part of my day, besides seeing Peyton obviously. But with each mark down means we are one day closer to meeting our Princess P. I don’t think I’ve realized that I’m counting down to the day I’ll never forget! Why? Because I’ll have our daughter? Yeah that too but mainly because I’ll never experience a pain like this. Last time I went to the Er to stop my contractions the doctor said that natural labor is like breaking 20 bones at the exact same time. Yesss! Way to tell someone who’s about to experience it.

With just 2-3 weeks left the clock it’s ticking and we are slowly getting things to the finally product. We got her crib up in both our houses (even tho peyton will move in with me once the baby is born). And my room has transformed from a normal teenagers room to a total mom heaven! Diapers stacked high, wipes in place, and clothes tightly folded in each drawer based on size. We finally had time to set up our new bed and to put the touches on that! The realization hit for my mom that two people will be moving into our home. I can’t wait for my little family to join in on the family adventures.

Today (6-24-18) Peyton and I made a big purchase that we will definitely be using more in the future (so our parents say cause they want more grand babies). We finally bought our own car seat carrier and couldn’t be more happier with our choice. Here’s where Peyton and I are very different, I don’t like to spend money at all! I would rather go for the cheapest deal and learn to love it rather than buy something that’s a lot of money. But today P definitely opened up my mind, he said “carm, sometimes the cheapest things aren’t the safest.” And he was totally right!!!! The car seat we saw at Walmart was only $79 dollars, however the one we bought today was $192 at buy buy baby. Why would we buy a car seat for that much when we could of spent less?? Well here’s the reason why: 1. The car seat we bought has way more cushion inside and more security for our little princess P than the other one. 2. The one from Walmart was simple that it had NO cushion at all. 3. I could see right through the cover on what material the seat was protected in. So even tho we spent probably over $100 more we got something that was gonna be safe for our daughter (& future kids).

Peyton always says “you will always have more money” so might as well buy what you want especially if it’s for your child’s safety. Who knows in 2 years we might welcome a little boy (or another princess) into our family or a dog (dogs are much cheaper than a horse and I already got 2) . But as our final touches are coming together and I’m getting bigger I try to get my head wrapped around that I’m about to experience the worst pain of my life, just to meet our princess p. I don’t want to get to in-depth about that cause that’s definitely for another blog but safe to say even if I think I’m ready I’ll only ever be as ready for her and the pain to come as I’ve learned.

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