The aisle of the future

Every aisle in a grocery store has its own emotions attacked to it. You walk down the fruit aisle and decide which one is the best and than there’s the meat section where you feel like your in Antarctica because you decided to leave the house in Nike shorts. There’s the candy aisle where you try to sneak a few bags in the cart without your boyfriend (or mom) knowing.

But the aisle barely anyone enters is your “future” aisle. You know where it starts out as tampions and pads and moves to condoms and then the pregnancy test and it moves down to diapers. (Now do you you get why I call it your “future” aisle). This aisle has a whole lot of emotions wrapped into it.

My hands were clammy and I felt like Walmart was about to dim all the lights and put a spotlight on Peyton and I and make an announcement to the whole store saying “pick your future”. (You know that tweet on Twitter where it says spend $5 on condoms or $20 on diapers” yeahhhh) that needs to be retweeted for a lot of people. Especially the people in the back 😂.

I grabbed the cheapest pee stick there was…who would spend $20 dollars on something you pee on? Not I!! I remember that I wasn’t nervous to take my test, I wasn’t scared of the result or how my future would end up. Because I had the biggest support system standing right out side the bathroom (peyton).

The only part about taking the test that made me concerned was I didn’t want to pee on my hand. After successfully putting the test to work I quickly wrapped up the stick and ran out the bathroom to be with Peyton. I could feel my face rising with blood out of excitement and fear and nauseousness.

Was this a real life experience??? Someone pinch me cause it didn’t feel real! Fast forward to almost 8 months later and I get a call from a dear friend of mine. A positive test???? You took 3 positive test??? My heart sunk I was finally on the other side of this whole surprised situation. I finally got to feel how extremely nervous our parents felt and how they had no idea how we would get through this alive. But as a friend I had to put my own emotions aside and comfort her. This moment for anyone is a scary and a exciting time. You don’t know whether to run around the store and scream through the intercom I’m pregnant or try to shove ur own head in the toilet and flush.

As a teen mom or even just a mom in general I knew from the start I could over come as many obstacles as possible. The support group she has just makes you know that everything will be okay. Everything works out just the way it’s supposed to in the long run. Many times your sitting at home wondering why or how you can do better but in reality it’s Gods (or your beliefs) timing. But I know that everything is working out well for me and so will they for her. Now being a mom at a young age isn’t something anyone would recommend, but I can say that there are some positives! I get to spend my child’s playing years actually playing with her and not being to brittle to go on the playground. I can relate to her a little bit better because were only 18 years apart. But I’m not saying ladies to go have kids because if you have read my other blogs pregnancy is hard work and it takes a toll on your body and your relationship no matter your age.

But on a serious note ladies if you get a positive test and it’s not the right timing you have options that are provided for you. Many times I see girls decide that they want to continue with the pregnancy hoping things will get better. If they weren’t good before, how on earth will a baby make your relationship better? It’s honestly sad to see some girls in a toxic relationship cause they will never understand what true love is. Having someone constantly disrespect you than saying sorry after they see how hurt you are. That’s NOT true love!

Ladies it’s time to open your eyes and realize your worth! Fighting and making back up isn’t what a relationship is about. Relationships are based off of two people building each-other up! Never bringing them down, telling them what to do or saying negative words to each-other. If you had a open wound you wouldn’t just put a bandage over it hoping it would heal. No, you go in fix the problem stitch it back up and realize you don’t want to be hurt again. It takes courage and strength to walk away from a relationship that’s toxic instead of trying to bring another humans life into a unhealthy relationship. At the end of the day everyone will make there own mistakes and learn from them.

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