My happiness

Y’all maybe wondering “carm do you ever have any happy moments in your pregnancy” and the answer is yes! I have many happy moments, but if that’s the only thing y’all read about a lot of people would be trying to go make babies. I want to give everyone (guys and girls or whatever classification you have) the opportunity to realize growing up this way has some downs to it. Most people right now at my age after just graduating from high school are going to festivals and attending raves, packing up for the whole college bound experience and I’m not.

I’m packing up unwanted items to make space for a baby crib and cleaning out my drawers for tiny once’s, socks and hair bows. Do I wish I could experience college life like a normal teenager?! No actually! Surprised yet? So am I! My pregnancy may not have been the easiest but the little moments of kicks I feel or the unexplained hick up she gets are all worth it to me! I’m a mom and that’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life time (clique trust me I know but you won’t understand still your in this moment) .

Waking up every morning to her kicks and karate chops are the best memories I can ever experience. The whole going clubbing And getting drunk doesn’t seem fun to me at all and actually I think it’s over rated. But the bond you share with your unborn child is a feeling partying and drinking can’t give you. I love when I just get done eating and it feels like she’s dancing cause she’s so happy to have food (haha I know that feeling). I enjoy the nightly belly rubs her daddy gives and how much he expresses he can’t wait to meet our princess P💛.

Becoming a mother is hard work but I’m super excited to join the club! I’ve pushed harder to become better and change the things around me just for my daughter. I bought myself a new (to me) mommy car and sold my two faced truck (my gmc maroon truck). I finished high school with all A’s not even a single high B (which has never happened before) and I worked hard enough to save over $500 so that I can take my maternity leave and not have to worry if I have to go back to work sooner than 6 weeks just to pay for insurance and my essentials. Peyton and I have worked so hard to provide for our princess P, that I’m extremely proud of us (yes just a little glory moment for the teen parents!).

I can’t wait till we’re a family of three and we show this society now a days that having a baby at a young age doesn’t “ruin your life” or “you won’t ever be able to make something of yourself”.

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